Three Things You Must Do for Your Kids to make them the Best at Everything

Welcome mummy! Welcome daddy! Welcome aunties, uncles, and grandparents. Welcome to yet another episode of one of our ‘ted talks’ where we just discuss about other intricate topics that surrounds your child’s healthy development.

Everyone wants their child to be the best- to be the best at school, at events and functions, in sports, and later on, in life achievements. The big question we need to ask ourselves is this: Are you putting in the work? How much investment are you making in your kids’ lives?

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When we speak of ‘investment’, we do necessarily mean just finances- of course, there is that too- but we speak of time, love and affection. Those qualities are far greater necessities.

In this short, interesting read, we will be telling you three things you must do for your children to make them the best at everything.

Words of Affirmation

Words are very powerful. In fact, studies have shown that even plants react to words. The research showed the effects of speaking nicely to plants and speaking terrible words to them as well. The plants that were showered with nice words experienced healthy growth. However, the plants that got the harsh speeches experienced stunted growth. And these are just plants.

How much more your children? It really is not a stretch. You may pick out many excuses as to why you do not have time for this- a business, a career, courses, etc.

While we understand this, we also know that people make time for what they value. The quest for ‘more’ have only over-shadowed your desire to invest in your gifted children who are by far more important than any possession.

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Teach them to speak to themselves nicely, to say lovely things to themselves. The more they say those words, the more they believe in them and act accordingly. It may look negligible but we tell you that it is a very brilliant way for them to start their day. Examples of Affirmative words they can say are:

  • I am beautiful/handsome.
  • I excel at everything.
  • I am strong/ I am brave.
  • I am capable of great things.

You can always add your own words too; just make sure they are healthy and kind words. Try this and watch how affirmation shape their lives for the best.

Invest Your Time in Your Kids

Time has proven to be a very invaluable commodity. With time, you plan and elevate your finances. With time, you become a part of a great network. We do so much with time. In fact, nothing happens without making time for it. Investing your time is proof of care, dedication and love.

Why don’t you invest your time in your children? It is not just about paying school fees. It is about being present at their functions or even the school’s PTA meeting.

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When you get back from work, despite the tiredness, you should speak to your kids. Find out how their day went, what new kid they are talking to, what new thing they learnt that day or who has been really eating their lunch.

Let us tell you a story. We once heard the tearful tale of a young mum who had told us that she discovered her kid was growing leaner month-on-month. She took him to the hospital in case he is ill; the doctors confirmed he was alright. The doctor simply advised that she communicate with her child instead.

According to her, it was a struggle at first because her son showed deep signs of intense fear when it was time to reveal he was being bullied at school and his lunch was taken from him. She said she teared up. This had gone on for months but she was too busy until it started showing in his weight.

We read the news everyday- how kids are beaten up so badly that it inflicts severe damages. We can only imagine her son’s bully did more than take her son’s meal but good gracious! We are glad she discovered the reason. If she had only made out time to catch up with her son daily, he would not have gone through so much trauma. There will be no fear so great that it overwhelms his mother’s love.

We urge you to invest your time in your kids today and see the difference. Become their best friends such that before they make any hasty decisions, they know that can count on you to lovingly correct them and give them the best advice.

Dress Them Up Nicely

Styling is a form of investment in itself. When you invest in their style, you invest in their confidence, personalities and values.

When you shop premium quality clothes and fashion accessories from Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, you are saying that you love them completely and you would do what it takes to make them happy.

Styling them in the nicest clothes makes them feel good about themselves. When they go out and their friends say to them ‘your dress is fine’, their social skills improve by a mile. Social awkwardness is reduced when they feel great about themselves.

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They are easily liked and even influence their friends fashion as those kids also go home requesting their parents to shop the exact clothes your kid is putting on.

Before you realize it, you have raised a baby leader whose confidence can have them standing in front of the school auditorium that takes up to a thousand people, reading out a speech at the children’s graduation ceremony. No, who would not be proud of such a child?

We hope you try out all these useful tips and watch your kids become the best at everything!

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