How To Take Baby Steps to Greater Heights in our Footwear Range.

Okay, let us calm down. We know what the header sounds or looks like but nope, we are not about to give you an entrepreneurial speech. Let us leave that to the motivational speakers.

We are talking about your children. Yes, you are not the only one who takes baby steps. In fact, the term ‘baby steps’ was coined out of seeing babies take their steps. Those steps are usually shaky and unsteady at first but a few more weeks and those legs appear sturdier than a bull’s.

Let us tell you a quick story. Last week, a young first-time mum walked into our store with quite a lot of complaints-her child will no longer wear the shoes she got him from another children’s clothing store. She thought the shoe was pretty but apparently, her son was not buying that.

boys sandals

Fortunately, she came with the shoes and her son. As experts in this industry, we could already figure out the issue. The shoe was uncomfortable and of poor quality. All we had to do was style the little man in a pair of active sandals from our store that allowed his baby steps grow sturdier with every pump he put in his strides. The young mum ended up shopping more shoes and clothes for her son. Both mum and son left our store satisfied and happy.

Do you see what we mean by a child’s shoes influencing their comfort? Now, watch this. We are on to something.

Shoes for Boys

When we told you we were on to something, we simply meant we wanted you to see our range of comfortable footwear.

boys shoes

Taking baby steps to greater heights is largely dependent on the footwear you style your son in. Do you want to buy shoes that will stifle his walk and confidence? Do you want him walking with the idea that maybe, just maybe everyone can see how bad his shoes are because of how uncomfortable he is in them?  

We know your answer is no because you do not want a cranky, dissatisfied boy. Hence, the major reason you should definitely consider shoes from Ruff ‘n’ Tumble.

Our shoe range includes comfy sneakers, active sandals, stylish slides, Birkenstock slippers and formal shoes. Our range of footwear are designed with top-notch quality materials. We have taken into consideration the adventurous side of kids that makes them play a lot and just walk into anywhere their feet takes them without fear. The sturdier their steps, the stronger our shoes.

boys shoes

Although they are strong, our shoes do not make playtime unbearable or uncomfortable. You do not have to take off your son’s shoes before he can comfortably jump and play around with friends. He does not have to second-guess his steps because he feels his shoes are outdated. The lack of confidence will hurt his steps faster than you can imagine. Thankfully, we are the style masters, the fashion pace setters, the trendsetters. Hence, our boys’ shoes are quite stylish, trendy and available in different colours and sizes from ages 0-18 years old.

They are available in our retail stores nationwide and online. Shop now.

Shoes for Girls

If there is anyone who is quite interested in styling, it is probably your daughters. Shoes are very important to them.

In fact, here is what we recommend. When they are sad, buy them new shoes. When they are happy, make them happier with new shoes. When you are trying to make up for something you did to them, buy your daughters new shoes. Their birthdays? New shoes. They did well in school? Reward them with new shoes.

girls shoes

Shoes are a girl’s favorites and they have quite an appetite for a wide range of shoes as well. A girl’s styles are more versatile that they can style a pair of girls’ sneakers with shorts, skirts, pants or even dresses. At the beach, they can wear their sundresses with fancy slides or sandals.

girls slides

At a formal event, style your daughter in a ball dress and a pair of beautiful ballerinas. When it comes to school time, we have school shoes for girls as well.

Everything they need to develop cognitive abilities, build better network, learn effectively and be the princesses they are meant to be begins with making sure their shoes leave no room for poor self-esteem.

With the right shoes from Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, they do not need to go about buttering people up before they can make friends and get the best out of life. Their feet will do the talking. That is the best part about shopping quality. It announces itself.

boys moccasins

Right about now, we know you understand why and how to make sure your kids take, sturdy baby steps to greater heights with Ruff ‘n’ Tumble. It all begins with shopping our range of footwear.

Wait no longer. Walk into our retail outlets or shop online here. Shopping at Ruff ‘n’ Tumble is more than just buying quality. It is a way of life- a tradition. A tradition of style, quality and exclusivity. Teach your kids this and they will surely make sure their kids are Ruff ‘n’ Tumble trendsetters too.

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