The importance of having fun with your kids



Bonding with your child is the most valuable gift you can give them. Positive attention communicates to your child that they are valuable. 


This may be as simple as a smile, a encouraging word, or sitting down and playing their favorite games with them. Spending time with your child shows them that they are loved and it builds self-confidence in them. 


 Having a sense of connection with you, will help to develop their sense of belonging and foster a positive sense of self.




The importance of having fun with your kids 


Having fun is a child’s way of learning; of trying out different ideas and learning new experiences, and above all, it’s so much fun! It is one of the easiest ways of bonding with your kids. Having fun helps your child to:


* Relax and wind down.

* unleash creative energy, and have some sense of identity in their lives.

* Express their ideas and understanding of themselves and the world around them.

* Help them to make sense of their experiences.

* Try out different ideas.

* Build their capacity for creativity and imagination, which helps to provide a foundation for their problem-solving skills.

* Learn how to interact with others, and   build their expressive language skills.



Having fun with your kids does not need to cost money and does not need to be difficult. The main aim for having fun is to enjoy each others company. It will give you a chance to relax, be creative, use your imagination and give you the opportunity of strengthening your relationship with them. 


It can be as simple as saying yes to their request for you to join in one of their games, or offering to kick a ball outside, pull out the play-doh or drawing books, or even bake a cake. The list is endless.


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