What a wonderful time Easter can be. From having fun with family members to loads of fun and exciting activities to engage in, it could also be a time for a rebirth of sorts. This could be reenergizing relationships and reconnecting with loved ones through spending good and necessary time together. This is important because life tends to be constantly on the go and there seems to be less time to spend quality time and bond with loved ones because we are all trying to keep up with the rat race of life and living. It’s very easy to lose sight of what actually matters when were focused on earning a living. So much so that we forget to nature vital relationships with family members and the ones we hold dear. So when a holiday comes up, it’s essential to stop and take account of what you have in terms of the people around you, and carve out quality time to intentionally spend and create memorable moments with them. Memorable moments, especially around Easter, should be all about fun and enjoyable events, where you and your loved ones look and feel all sorts of amazing. Its all about the right events and activities and for such things your whole family needs to reflect no just a good sense of fashion but an elevated sense of premium style. It’s the best way to stand out and shine. Getting your kids the right looks that will help to display elegance and even some sense of stylish glamour, becomes vital. This is where we come in with a premium sense of elegance and style for the kids. Here, we’ll be outlining stunning looks that your kids will definitely shine in this Easter and more importantly, functional pieces that can be mixed and matched with other pieces to produce a wide range of stylish looks even after the festivities.

 PINK silk dress for girls


At Easter, girls shouldn’t be left out of all that is glamorous and stylish. in fact, they should be displayed front and center as the princesses that they really are. The best way to achieve this with ease is to go for an elegant dress or gown. Your girls will not just look good; you also are subconsciously instilling a high sense of premium style into their lives. It’s definitely a win win. Go for our stylish light purple “Puffed Sleeve Blouse”. This stunning number features lovely puffed short sleeves, a cute round neckline, zipper closure and a wonderful Floral embellishment at the top left of the blouse that is a pretty little dress that is available for girls from ages Three to Eight years. For mix between the elegant and the sporty, accessorize this lovely dress with our super shiny gold “Trendy Lace-Up Sneakers” that feature silver-plated eyelets, white rubber toe covers, and white rubber soles that are lined with black rubber strips. This pair is super comfortable, eye catching and is available for girls from sizes 36 to 41.

sleeveless dress with bow

For a colorful take on a sleeveless elegant number, go for our premium “Damask” dress that features a charming round neckline and an eye catching floral print. The quality of this sateen and net fabric allows for comfortable and long-term usage. This stunning number is available for girls from ages Eight to Sixteen years. Pair this unique dress, perfect for outdoor events and festivities, with our elegant “Metallic Ballerina” that features thin rubber soles, designed with cute bowknots, flat heels, and pull tabs. This fashion forward pair is available from sizes 25-41.



Boys are naturally adventurous and playful by nature but who says they can’t embody elegance and poise even while they enjoy themselves this Easter. Don’t be afraid to embrace bold prints and colorful pieces. They can all add up to vibrant and stylish looks that totally work. Go for our original multicolor “Short Sleeve Shirt”. This shirt features short sleeves, a unique patterned print, button plackets and a stylish spread collar. The Ankara fabric used to make this piece is of superior quality, allowing for comfortability and long-term usage. This cute shirt is available for boys from ages Two to Sixteen years. Pair this fantastic shirt with our functional and trendy “Soft Denim Trouser” that features five belt holders, five-pocket stylings and a cute zip-fly. This denim is super high-quality, designed to give maximum comfort, and is available for boys from ages Eight to Eighteen years. Finish this look with our super functional black “Trendy lace-Up Sneakers” that feature silver-plated eyelets, rubber outsoles and white rubber toe caps. This cool pair of sneakers was crafted from heat-resistant cotton, and are available from sizes 36 to 41.

Another stunning piece is our superior multicolor “Short Sleeve Shirt” that features a smart spread collar, a lovely round neckline, short sleeves and button plackets. Its available for boys from ages Two to Sixteen years. Pair this colorful shirt with our functional blue “Soft Denim Trouser”. This stylish pair features belt holders to support wearing when needed, as well as a trendy zipper and button closure. Its available for boys from ages Eight to Eighteen years.

Easter dresses for girls

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