Boys usually embrace the agility that comes with being boys, pretty much from when they can crawl. They are playful and adventurous, wanting to jump around and explore everywhere their legs, hands and eyes can, and will take them. It is important to draw inspiration from this when considering the right style for them as this would also be building blocks for them when it comes to carving out their personal style throughout their lives. It is key to teach them core values like confidence and self-expression through the clothes they wear and that fundamentally, perceptions are formed based on first appearances so they need to put their best feet forward, now and always. To help with this, we’ve curated the essential checklist for boys; a dapper mix of what they need to face the world, one stylish step at a time.


Simplicity is the name of the game when starting out, go for shirts and polo’s that are primary color based. White short sleeves with graphics or button down shirts as well as bold polo’s in different colors are eye catching and fun as they work effortlessly for stepping out.


Pair them effortlessly with trousers that are darker, to balance them out. Trousers like chinos, linen and/or jeans are perfect options. Go for black or navy blue chinos or denim for a laid back, playful blend. Chinos or plain trousers, in beige, would be a cool route to the formal or semi-formal outfit. Steal the show in denim shorts with suspenders. Its dashing and stylish. Don’t be afraid to take a risk with bold colors on denim. Lime green denim trousers would work well with a simple white T-shirt. Let little boys run young, stylish and free in joggers that are active wear but designed with stripes or cuffed fleece to elevate the look. It’s an ode to athleisure wear as it has dual functionality.


Every boys closet deserves a classic touch with a suit or tuxedo. It’s their first introduction into the league of stylish gentlemen. Play around with the style form by getting one in brocade that is in colors like red or royal blue so they look super sharp and trendy. Don’t forget that an outfit is always better with a belt. Get a black leather belt that would work with most outfits.

Shoes are essential for boys so they can move around and be the best versions of themselves, but also be fashionable at the same time. Sneakers, moccasins, trainers as well as dress shoes are closet necessities. Go for sneakers in black or white colors as they are easy to wear and those colors go with most get up’s. Moccasins are stylish shoes that would work well with semi-formal or even indigenously inspired outfits. You can get them in suede and leather, in various colors. Trainers are a must because they combine style and functionality. Velcro trainers always bring the wow factor to an outfit. Furthermore, to protect and maintain the wellness of the shoes you get for your boys, get them socks. Our sock set comes in a range of different styles and colors to give that added touch.


A backpack is a stylish way for boys to carry school books or their Lego blocks and action figures where and when they need to. Our brown double sided cargo backpack is ideal for school as it is for going on play dates and sleepovers. It is also important for boys to step out, safety conscious so get them masked up in our three pack reusable cotton nose masks. It comes in different colors, to go with just about anything.

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