Young girls are precious, exuding graceful, somewhat lady like tendencies, usually modeled after the women in their lives. Before they get to form their own identities, they innocently mimic everyone around them. They try out mummy’s lipstick and wear her high heels. They are very impressionable and so fashion plays a formative role in how they perceive and present themselves because your outward appearance is usually one of the first points of contact with everyone else.

Girl Tee Shirt and trousers

Looking good is a confidence booster so dressing your girls in the right style pieces, with the right fit is necessary in the development of their self-esteem. To help with this, we’ve curated an essential checklist for our darling girls that features a stylish mix of what they need to face the world, one gorgeous step at a time.


When girls come to mind, you think soft, demure and charming. These are all characteristics of a dress. Dresses are usually one-piece garments that stylish girls can’t do without. They feature a top piece that cover the torso and hangs down over the legs. They usually have a skirt of any length, and can be formal or casual. Get dresses that are functional in addition to being stylish. Go for dresses that stand out. Get our Monochrome or Polka dot dresses as well as our shirtdress that combines the elements of a shirt and a dress. These garments are effortless and very functional.

Accessorizing a dress is necessary for that whimsical touch. Get accessories that don’t overshadow the star of the show but accentuate its features. Hair bows are as close as girls can get to being real life fairytale princesses. The right bow elevates a dress look. Go for our stylish bundles that have colorful Alice bands with fancy floral details as well as pearls and hairband with cute bows.

Princesses require stylish foot wear to sashay in. let the shoes they pair their outfits with, really pop. Get them our Ballerina flats that come styled with bows or pearls and studs so they really tie the outfit together.


Girls are active and love to play and move around. Let them be all they can in the right outfit. Get them active wear such as our Red long basic leggings, made from high quality fabric. They are super soft, stretchy and comfortable. Little girls can rock the Rose Pink Leggings with a Bow as it comes with a round neck lined T-shirt that has a graphic print, bow detailing, and a stretch fit.


Every girl needs active footwear to help them express their playful, active sides. Go for the Girls Taupe Casual Velcro Sneakers as it is comfortable and goes with lots of outfits. The Grey Low Top Fashion sneakers combines elegance with street style for semi-formal and casual outings. Pair the sneakers with our Multicolored Three Piece socks for that comfortable, breathable, and protective fit.


A backpack is a stylish way for girls to carry school books or their play dolls where and when they need to. Our brown double sided cargo backpack is ideal for school as it is for going on play dates and sleepovers. It is also important for girls to step out, safety conscious, so get them masked up in our three pack reusable cotton nose masks. It comes in different colors, to go with just about anything.

Get all of these stylish pieces and many more when you visit Ruff ‘n’ Tumble stores or the online store.

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