Must-Haves for Your Kids this Sallah

Eid el-Kabir is already around the corner and in a couple of days; it will be in full swing.

Asides the fact that we get a few days as holidays to rest and bond with family, we also love the meat sharing process.

The kindness and joy of the celebration is not left to the Muslims alone. They make sure to spread the joy to everyone irrespective of tribe, ethnicity or religion.

We all cannot wait for the ram sharing that always happens during these seasons. It is the perfect unifies between everyone during Eid celebrations.

It is admirable what this holiday stands for.

While we are excited for the meat and the holidays, something else is making us happy too- the release of our exclusive Eid el-Kabir collection.

If your child is not rocking any of our exclusive pieces this Eid, we wonder what else they should be rocking.

Eid for Boys

Nothing says ‘Barka Da Sallah’ like our classic tunics for boys.

We just love how tunics make your sons look like dignitaries. Our traditional attire, sometimes, is the most impressive piece of clothing your son can wear.

In the usual fashion of tunics, the top is usually a long-sleeved mid-length garment. The wrists can be accessorized with cufflinks depending on the taste and choice of your son.

They are available in different colours and sizes in our retail stores nationwide or just shop here.

Eid for Girls

If there is anything we are very famous for, it is definitely our array of elegant dresses.

Our elegant dresses ranges from A-line styles and ball dresses to chic and playful dresses.

The dresses in our Eid collection have been designed by our team of skilled designers with your daughters in mind- modest, classy and very elegant.

Let your daughter enjoy the season in style and with 100% confidence.

Here are a few dresses to pick for your daughter this Eid.

All dresses are available in-store and online.

Eid el-kabir!

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