Mummy, I Want to Twin with My Best Friend!

If we count the number of times, we have heard kids say this in-store; we could be counting for days, even months.

Sometimes, we too are fascinated about their decision. What is in it for them? What drives their desire to twin with their best friend?

We understand them wanting to twin with mum or dad but a best friend that they mostly see at school or at playdates at best, why is it so important for them to twin with them?

After thorough research into the behavior of kids, we found the reason behind their motive for twinning with their best friend. The reason is simple- ‘belonging, kinship, a tribe’.


What do we mean by this? When you as a parent twin with your child, what feeling does it evoke from you? A feeling of love and belonging. Without asking much questions, people can tell that there is a connection or a possible relationship between you and them. It announces your love for each other with no sentences spoken. Your child feels the love and you do too.

It is exactly the same thing for your child. Twinning with their best friends is announcing to the world that ‘yes, this person is in my tribe or circle.’

It makes them feel like they have found their person, the best friend with whom they can share anything. There is a sense of belonging, and kinship and love. It announces to every one of their peers that they are besties and are not alone.

This, oftentimes, makes them trendsetters. In no time, in accordance with children’s ability to easily copy a pattern, other kids will want to emulate them to solidify the bond between them and their best friends.

Alright, we have talked enough about the basics. Let us give you twinning ideas for your kids and their best friends.

Girl Besties

Girl besties are so cute! They put us in our feelings every time, especially when they have these cute bows on their hair.

We have several cute dresses, tops, skirts, blouses and even pants that your daughter and her best friend can rock as a power squad.

To mention them all will be to write the longest blog ever written by a human and that means, you will have to go through such lengthy material. Let us save your time and show you a few of our outfits.

Look at this mustard yellow dress in all its glory. This dress is not the usual basic A-line dress. The hands on this gorgeous cotton dress has a slit that can be drawn into a ruched style with the two ropes at the tail of the sleeves.


The shirt-style collar the top gives way to the chic frills at the mid-region of the dress. Its A-line style makes it as comfortable and free as possible. This chic dress is great for semi-formal events and can be styled with a pair of sneakers or sandals.

For a more informal or casual look, your daughter and her best friend can try out this simple sleeveless pink two-piece set.

These outfits are available in these specific colours and for different ages too. Simple check here to shop.

Boy Besties

Don’t you just love how cool boys are?

Their styles are usually simple. A cool plain or graphic tee and a pair of shorts or full-length pants are most times all it takes.

Check out our Little Mustapha in this black two-piece set. The long-sleeve of this thick cotton set makes it great for the warm weather and the short makes it cool for the hot weather.


See? They go hand in hand. This black two-piece set for boys can be styled with a pair of plain white sneakers and a pair of sunshades.

It is available in black colour and different sizes.

Best friends Day is celebrated on June 8th, every year. Walk into our retail stores nationwide and shop in time for them to twin with their besties on a fun playdate that day.

If you do not feel up to shopping in-store, you can also shop online at your convenience. Whatever your preferred way of shopping, just make sure you are shopping for two- your child and their best friend.

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