Make The Holidays Perfect in and Out

Boy oh boy! It’s been a really long, interesting year now, hasn’t it? 2022 is one big rollercoaster that scares and excites you at the same time because while the ride has been fun, you cannot deny the adrenaline from the risks that came with it. In the end, we can all agree that this rollercoaster ride called 2022 is totally worth it because look at how much progress you’ve made!

At the end of the year, you just want to slow down and have a perfect Christmas and trust us, if no one else understands this, we do. In fact, you want a perfect Christmas? Okay, we’d give you one.

But what’s a perfect Christmas without these sweet little humans? We, personally, can’t imagine a Christmas without them. All that giggle, funny baby steps, love, nah, we certainly don’t want a Christmas without them. They make the season feel quite perfect and complete.

By now, you should already know they’re the real bosses, especially in our world. Lol. So, we want this holiday to be perfect for them. They need to have the time of their lives and if you’re wondering ‘hmmmm now, how do I do that? we’ve done everything!’ we’re here to tell you that every Christmas doesn’t have to be the same. Ready or not, here we come with a few cool ways to make the holidays truly perfect, in and out.


Have you thought about it that probably, the reason every Christmas feels the same is because you haven’t really listened to your little stars? Think about it, every Christmas, you take them to the amusement park, they don’t want to be there, they get cranky, you also get upset because they appear to not be seeing your effort to make them happy. Now, no one’s having a good time.

But have you ever asked them what they want to do during the holidays? Perhaps they want to act like stars in a talent show and have you play their judge? Sounds silly but their answers may shock you. You never know with our little bosses. So, how about we try listening to them so you can enjoy the happiness that comes from them and fills the room, this season.

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Spread Happiness

You’ve probably seen our Christmas collection and quickly shopped a dress that makes your little beauty look like royalty. The smile she gave you warmed your heart and you did some more shopping. Anything to get that smile again. Afterall, what’s Christmas without Christmas clothes, right?

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But what about her friends? Her cousins? That child that somehow always visits when the meal is ready? our point is spreading happiness shouldn’t stop with your little precious gems. Every child deserves happiness and you can extend the same love to several kids as your way of making their holidays perfect.

Kids, you see, have got emotions that run deep and have mastered the art of either making their friends happy or sharing in their joy. When you shop an outfit for your munchkins, try shopping for their peers too and watch the joy that will go round. Talk about happiness that spans farther than the holidays!

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Let Them Be Expressive

Mum, Dad, we know you think you are fashion police but please when you visit our stores or shop online on, please, let them decide their style.

Yes, the sneakers are great, gorgeous even, but little man says he wants to do Christmas in a suit. Please, let him. You can get both so both of you are satisfied but please don’t deny them happiness this season.

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Now that we’ve given you new ways to make Christmas a little more perfect than usual, we hope you have the best Christmas ever. We’re sending your cupcakes lots of hugs, as we stand by the door, waiting for you to come shop perfect gifts so they can have a perfect holiday.

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