Ruff ‘N’ Tumble: Over 2 Decades Of Expert Craftsmanship

Isn’t it amazing how a teeny-tiny idea has the potential of blossoming into something almost unreal? Okay, let’s help you paint the picture. The year is 1996, you’re surfing through the market, trying to find something as basic as quality pajamas but sadly, you don’t find quality indigenous ones and the foreign ones have prices cutting through the roof. Phew!

Now, the idea hits you that perhaps, you could just settle in and make yours since you’re highly skilled in fashion and it’s lore. Now, your kids are happy with their new pajamas but they’re not the only ones happy, spectators are also intrigued by the style and quality. This is how our organization was founded. From that teeny-tiny idea to having up to 17 stores across different regions of the nation and customers from all over the world.

Our History

When the demand became overwhelming for Mrs. Adenike Ogunlesi, the CRO (Chief Responsibility Officer), she knew she had discovered a diamond in the rough. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one tired of low-quality kiddies clothing. And soon, she turned it to a standard business expanding her horizons beyond just pajamas to all types of girls, boys, babies and unisex clothing.

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Our Process

Over 2 decades of expertise in fashion craftsmanship, our business has evolved but so have our standards. More often than not, when people garner popularity and the trust of the people, the quality tends to decline but this wasn’t our case. Instead, we became more meticulous, using only the best of fabrics to create detailed masterpieces. Each garment undergoes rigorous quality control check, weaving lots of love and intentionality into every stitch and seam.

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Our Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

Bearing in mind that our foundation was founded on making nothing but quality stylish, trendy fashion for kids, in a bid to make them happy, it’s no wonder that your satisfaction is paramount to us. We make sure to take in the latest trends, styles, fabrics and your feedback to give your kids outfit that spikes up their confidence.

When we create, we do so with the image of happy kids in our minds and this keeps us in track. We hope that whenever you shop a Ruff ‘N’ Tumble outfit, you see the intensity of our love, care and intentionality.


What Happens When You Shop With Us

Whenever you’re shopping a suit or perhaps a dress to match with some gorgeous shimmering shoes or cool shoes, just check the smile on your kids’ face. They almost never want to take it off, that’s the happiness we’re talking about, that’s what fuels our passion and that’s what happens when you shop with us.

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So, keep spreading joy in kids when you shop in our store or on

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