Make Her Feel Like Fairytales Exist in Our Elegant Ball Dresses

We know the urge to make your daughter see life for what it really is can be very disturbing but for now, she is a kid. Let her believe in fairytales, at least for now. If possible, make her live in one. That is how you teach the female child what standards mean.

When your daughter tries to play dress up as Princess Elsa in the popular Disney’s ‘Frozen’, your job is to make sure her look comes out perfect. Other times, she is not even trying to play dress up, she indeed wants to look good for that special outing she has probably looked forward to, again, and you have to come through for her with some gorgeous dresses.

girls ball dresses

Gone are the days when it appears as if kids have no idea of their style. In today’s times, in their formative years, you can already tell what their style is. So, when your princess says she wants a ball dress that makes her look like her favorite Disney princess, what do you do? You get it!

ball dress for girls

When it comes down to actually feeling like a princess in a ball dress, you know where to go. We can almost hear your mind thinking of Ruff ‘n’ Tumble. Thank you for your trust and confidence in us. And yes! You are right.

Introducing our first drop of elegant ball dresses from our Christmas Collection themed ‘Feel the Joy’.

Ball Dresses for Big Girls

A girl never gets too grown for her ball dresses.  She does not have to be between the ages of 2-6 alone to rock a ball dress. Girls above those ages rock ball dresses too, even well into full-blown adulthood.

If your daughter is above 2-6 years old but still loves ball dresses, then this floral ball dress is all the elegance she will need.

The front view of this dress takes spectators on a mesmerizing journey of blue petals and white fashion. The cutout design at the top of the dress adds a subtle class to the already fabulous design. The blue belt at the waistline helps to accentuate it such that the pleats below form a flamboyant ball that goes all the way down to her knee.

girls floral dress

girls floral dress

The back of this blue floral dress is just as stunning. The cutout design at the front and back of this dress is sure to leave spectators stunned when your daughter walks in and when she leaves.

To completely own this look, style your daughter in a pair of silver ballerinas and you can try accessorizing with a beautiful white or blue hair bow. Try this look and thank us later.

Ball Dresses for Small Girls

Small girls and daydreaming are like 5 and 6. Today, they can decided to be Sofia the first, tomorrow they want to be Cinderella.

Make her daydreams come true in this shimmery dress. The front of this dress welcomes you into a world of bow fashion and puff sleeves.

girls dresses

girls dress

The glitters on this dress ensures your daughter leaves a sparkle wherever she goes. Accentuate this look with a pair of glossy silver ballerinas.

We have quite a lot of ball dresses in our first drop of Christmas collection. Be the wonderful parent to make her daydreams come true by walking into our stores or simply visit

Feel the joy all through the holidays!

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