Lovable ways to bond with your kids this season

It’s the season of love!! Everyone is super excited because of the experience that comes with valentines day, from the exchange of gifts to dinner dates and most importantly, family time.

You probably already know that spending time with family has a lasting positive impact on children’s emotional and social development.

Family is so important because of all the love and support the institution provides. Being with family helps construct principles and improves overall mental health.

Also, Spending time with family is key to a person’s development as it promotes trust and better family relationship .

With this love season in full swing, many mums and dads are eager for exciting ideas to help bond with their kids – be that a fun family day out or some inspiring indoor activity for kids when the weather turns.

Today we’ve compiled together a list of fabulous things to do with kids that are sure to make them very excited.

1. Create your own music video.
This is a fun thing to do with your kids. You can have a karaoke, sing along to your favorite music and press record while you are at it.

2. Play soccer together.
The girls should be included too!! Yes everyone should get their sport outfits ready, go outside and have a lovely football match.

3. Paint or draw together.
Painting and drawing together is a beautiful thing to do.
You can draw each other and also get to frame the art and put it up the wall. You can even do this at home in your backyard.

4. Have a sunset picnic at the park or beach.
Picnics are beautiful and fun for everyone, there’s food, drinks and lots of fun memories to make.

5. Play board games.
As much as it gets competitive, it’s very fun for every member of the family, this way no one is left out and it promotes team work.

6. Ride bicycles together.
Everyone gets to have a lovely ride together and also gets to have a lot of fun but don’t forget to be safe and use your helmets.

7. Bake cookies ( let the kids help).
Baking should be fun for everyone, you can bake heart shaped cookies together and let your kids experiment with shapes they want.

8. Go to the zoo.
Going to the zoo is a beautiful adventure, you get to see a lot of animals, take pictures, feed the animals and a lot of other exciting things.

9. Shop with your kids.
Shopping makes everyone happy!! Take them out to stores and let them pick out things they like. Shop with your kids this Valentine and put smile on your kids face as well your self.
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