Is it just me or is someone playing a movie titled “Revenge Return of Harmattan”? Why can’t I turn on the AC for two minutes without my kids or me sneezing? I know I prayed for harmattan earlier in December but Harmattan, this was not part of the deal!

Anyway, while I pray harmattan away again, I need to do some shopping for hoodies for my kids before the sneezing becomes a regular part of our day and we spend Valentine’s day passing tissues and chicken soup bowls to each other.

The thing about shopping for my kids is that I have to shop for trendy kids clothing / latest kids’ styles or I’m definitely going to be on my own with the items shopped. My little Princess would have various excuses, ranging from “Mummy it’s not pink” to “Mummy I don’t like it”. The young man on the other hand would just turn his cute face to me and say with his eyes what he won’t say with his mouth, then follow it up with a hug and an overly bright “Thank you Mummy”.

Of course, we’ve had talks on gratitude and the tons of kids in the world who need clothes, and yes, their disposition is better now, but I’ve also learnt to carry them along and see what appeals to each one.

Work and school won’t allow us any shopping breaks today but thank goodness, my favourite kids’ clothing store has a website where I can just order and get my items delivered to the house. The fun part of this for all of us is that the kids and I can sit together in the evening to pick what they want before I place the order.

So it’s a win-win, I don’t have to stop at Ruff ‘n’ Tumble Opebi after work, knowing I’m tired and my kids are not with me, and they can pick their own hoodies and sweaters themselves when we visit the website while I rest my back. Yet another reason to keep loving Ruff ‘n’ Tumble.

Ok, my Lunch break is over. I’ve got to go. Happy excessive skin moisturising and let’s keep our fingers crossed for harmattan to pack up, and also remember to keep our cute kids wrapped even if they claim they aren’t cold.

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