Remember the story I told you about why I didn’t like valentine as a child? Let me tell you how that changed.

I was ten years old and it was Valentine’s day; My parents came into my room. My dad had his hands behind him, mum sat close to me on the bed and gave me a brief speech on how much they loved and valued me. Of course, I was used to being told by them that I was loved and valued, I just wasn’t used to having their attention on Valentine’s day! My dad took the speech up when my mum paused and then, he brought his hands out of their hiding place to reveal a nicely wrapped gift. He handed it to me with a big “Happy valentine’s day baby, we love you”.

I had received gifts from my parents before but this made me feel extra special, I felt a lot more like a part of their world and I really did feel loved. Anyway, guess what the gift was; a cute sandal I had admired from outside a store window when my mum and I went shopping the week before.

The importance of giving gifts to kids and showing them how much you love them cannot be overemphasized. So to make it easier for you this Valentine, I have come up with a list of 5 fashion items you can give to your kids as a gift for val.


shoes for kids sneakersshoes for girls

No one has ever been accused of having too many shoes, and because there are numerous kinds of shoes, it would definitely be a plus in your kids’ wardrobe. A functional, cute and thoughtful gift.


school bags for kids

Bags are a beautiful addition to any child’s wardrobe. From school backpacks, handbags, clutch purses, satchel bags, to cross body bags; the list is endless and can be explored for your boy and girl alike.


ankara for kids boysankara for kids girls

Ankara clothing are at the top of the trend table, and there’s never been a better time to be African. Ankara dresses, Ankara shorts, Ankara shirts, Ankara skirts, Ankara tops and other Ankara items are great gift options for yours kids. It’s different, fun and it’s a subtle lesson for them on the beauty of Africa and being African. Good Ankara for kids can be a bit tricky to design, but great brands like Tímotiwá have got you covered on this.


hair band accessories for kidssun glasses for kids

What’s fashion without accessories? Sunglasses, earrings, hats, hair bands, belts, socks, bow ties and more are all great fashion ideas as gifts. Why? They are little things that make a huge difference to the ones you love and in their dressing as well.


You could go big and take them out after school to a premium kids’ fashion store and change their wardrobe completely; new shirts, new trousers, new tops, new dresses, new bags and other accessories.

Gifts are simple ways of saying “I love you”, so let’s go pick the perfect fashion items to tell our minis that they brighten up our world.

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