How technology helps modern-day parenting

Who would have thought we would be attending zoom weddings and working from home? We’ve even stopped mailing letters and can now chat with our parents from miles away. Even though technology has changed the way we live largely, parenting is still the same game.

As parents, technology can be both a blessing as well as a curse, the choice is yours. Avoiding technology in your home is not the remedy, embracing the positive aspects and putting them to good use will go a long way in improving your job as a modern parent.

Technology and Modern Day Parenting

Definitely, you can’t compare how you were raised to how you are now raising your kids. Times have changed, things are constantly evolving and it’s totally normal for you to get overwhelmed while trying to catch up with new things. Technology has changed how we do things, how we see other people, how we interact with each other. Now with technology, we can stay connected with family and friends, share beautiful moments and celebrations.

However, technology also has some downsides in how it can affect family life. Our phones and laptops could be a distraction from essential activities as a parent like spending quality time with your family, being on your phone for hours, not helping your kids with their homework, not monitoring your kids’ screen time and not being present. Social media can be a swamp, if you dive too deep, you will find yourself comparing yourself, your life, your kids to others.

So, instead of the pressure of having the perfect family, consider putting technology to good use in your day to day activities as a parent. 


How Technology Helps Effective Parenting

Technology aids effective communication

Gone are the days when you have to wait all day till you get home before you speak with your kids. The use of smartphones, video calls, facetime will get you talking with your kids in no time. You don’t even need call cards anymore, Apps like WhatsApp calls only require data. The best part, you can use your bank app or USSD codes when you are short of data and call cards.

These new social media tools allow you to bond with your kids, friends and family staying in other countries. You can drop messages for your kids during your tight schedule and even track what your kids are doing with their phones. Facebook and Instagram also keep you updated on trends around the world, latest news, and you can stay connected with your old lads on a group chat.

Easy Access To Information

The internet is a hub of information. There are multiple blogs and social media communities for parents and nursing mums. You can easily check anything you need online or read up parenting tips that could help you. You can get as much information about any topic, health-related issues, work issues or even your kids assignments. You will meet many parents going through the same things with you and are also able to talk about their experiences and how they overcame them.

With technology, your kids could get access to the best learning tools, learning resources and materials for their school projects. You could also make learning fun for your kids with Youtube videos. With all the information being thrown at you online, you must ensure you filter what you believe and implement in your home. It is also highly recommended that you are aware of what your kids are being exposed to online and whatever platform they used is vetted by you.

Technology aids faster financial transactions

Like we mentioned earlier, you can buy airtime and data from your bank apps without stepping out of your house. Not to mention the series of online transactions you can make from the convenience of your home, which allows you to spend more time with your family.   

Technology helps with time management

Lucky you, you don’t have to cook with a coal pot anymore or spend long hours in the market…you could get them delivered to you. This way, you could manage your time properly and spend your day doing more important things that require your presence. With the use of Google calendars, you can schedule meetings, events and set up reminders for your kids’ birthdays, school activities, doctor’s appointments and keep track of work activities too.

You can Capture and Share Moments

Remember the days of black and white pictures or the polaroid pictures we kept in our albums. Well, technology has made things much easier; you can take as many pictures as you like and share with your loved ones immediately. Storage has also been made easy, social media is the new norm for saving pictures and sharing moments instead of keeping them in a photo album. No professional camera is required, your smartphone can do the work of an expensive camera and still edit for you. The days of washing films are over, get a hold of the numerous smartphones available.

Activity is Easy To Track

Thankfully, cameras can now be installed in homes and you can monitor the activities of your kids and nannies. With the use of GPS, you can now monitor your kids’ movement or your baby in another room on your smartphone or smart wristwatch.

Considering all the expectations of being a great parent, you should consider exploring the new technologies and digital devices that could make your work easy. Ensure you know your borderline for social media and ensure you don’t get pressured by what you see or hear online. Social media has a way of painting the imperfect as perfect. Remember your family is what matters and your family is perfect.







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