2020 was a hassle. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone had to trade their summer plans and trips for months on end of staying indoors, keeping their distance as well as adhering strictly to global and national safety regulations. Kids were already held hostage at home before the summer holidays commenced so the new normal bled into summer and boy, what a summer it was. From deaths from corona, to police brutality. No one was thinking of enjoying what should arguably be the best part of the year.

What’s worse was that the endless cycle of zoom classes that initially kept the kids preoccupied, came to a screeching halt once the holidays started so parents got even more stressed with trying to keep the kids safe and engaged, in addition to making a living. Like I mentioned earlier, A HASSLE!

It’s a year later and thankfully some things have changed. Lockdown restrictions have been lifted due to the production and distribution of potent vaccines. People can move about and travel, though still having to follow safety regulations (as new variants are creeping up every day).

With all this to consider, the challenge now centers on picking cost effective activities that you can ensure you and the kids will be safe doing and enjoying, thus making fond memories to last a lifetime. Not to worry, all you need to do is check out our ideas for loads of fun activities the whole family can engage in this summer. Don’t forget that you all need to mask up and sanitize and you’re good to go



A scavenger hunt starts with a place or series of locations in which players search for hidden objects. They can be more than just a great way to keep kids busy. They also build critical thinking skills and help families build special memories. Depending on the type, scavenger hunts can also be a fun form of exercise. Scavenger hunts are adaptable. they can be done in the house, campgrounds, around the neighborhood, or just about anywhere else. They are an easy, creative, and affordable activity that both kids and adults can enjoy.  These are the basic steps for a successful scavenger hunt.

  • Hide objects (optional)
  • Make and distribute a list of items for participants to find
  • Define the search perimeter
  • Tell the players how much time they have to find the objects
  • Whoever finds the most items (or the team to find them all first) wins



Bring the cinema experience to your home or take the kids out on a weekly basis, to the cinema. Whichever way you chose to go, take out time to watch a family movie with your kids at least once a week. Get in on characters and movie franchises that spark their interest so there’s always something fun and trendy to talk about. It’s a bonding exercise as it gives the kids a clear channel to talk and communicate with ease around you because you’re current, in on what’s cool and so you can relate.


You have nature all around you, be it your backyard or somewhere in your neighborhood. When it’s framed, just about anything looks good. So don’t be shy to grab whatever art supplies you have on hand (even just a pencil and paper) to go outside and sketch/watercolor/pencil color/oil paint nature with the kids. You could get some pretty good art out of it!



Going out in the summer should be a family staple. Go swimming together at the pool and you can use this opportunity to have the kids learn swimming skills if they don’t already know how to. Take the kids to a museum. Let them learn about history and artifacts as well as things they probably won’t get to learn within the four walls of a classroom. Extend the limits of their imaginations about the world outside the one they know, with a trip to art galleries. Let them learn about art and creativity. Visit the zoo and let them experience wild animals in nature. It’s very exhilarating. You can even get the kids bikes and do regular bike rides around your vicinity. It’s a form of exercise and it’s a cool way to bond.

 girl and boy in summer tee shirt and sunglasses


Who says getting clothes and accessories for yourself and the kids can’t be fun and engaging? Let them tag along when you’re going shopping. You’d be shocked at the insight they’ll have, especially when it comes to clothes for them. They’re always plugged into what’s current and trendy. You can also use the opportunity to teach them how to effectively shop and stretch funds to get the best value. Let them learn firsthand, the value of money. Start by bringing them to our Ruff ‘n’ Tumble stores and let them show you why we’re known as being the best at what we do in the premium clothes and accessories we retail. The proof is in the pudding and they know it. 



Do you realize that you spend most of your time and effort trying to earn money to take care of the kids? This usually keeps you out the house for most of the day while they spend most of their time learning in school? At the end of the day, the family only has the summer holiday to really spend quality time together. Spend this time enjoying each other’s company by starting a book club. It’s something impactful, which everyone in the family can and will enjoy. Don’t make it a chore. Make it fun by picking exciting books and give time spans to read them and then have discussions in order to digest it together. It’s very informative and engaging. Below are a few books that the whole family will enjoy.

  • How to Make Nigeria the Greatest Country in The World” by Sunday Adelaja
  • The Westing Game” by Ellen Raskin
  • I'll Call My Brother for You!” by Olubunmi Familoni
  • Wonder” by R. J. Palacio
  • Why the Sky Is Far Away: A Nigerian Folktale” by Mary-Joan Garson
  • Esperanza Rising” by Pam Muñoz Ryan
  • My Name Is Tani . . . And I Believe in Miracles” (Young Readers Edition) by Tani Adewumi



Sometimes you don’t need to take the kids out to pamper them. You can create a day to pamper them at home. You don’t need a spa day at a real spa, just spend a little time transforming your bathrooms into at-home ones and give the whole family a treat. Get chocolate treats and special things everyone in the family likes so it becomes a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. Use the time to also do a mental health check to find out how everyone is really doing and practical ways to get everyone feeling seen, heard and on the same page.

Don’t forget that it’s all about doing cost effective and safe things together as a family. Learning each other more and more as you participate in these activities. It’s all geared towards having a great time and creating lasting memories.

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