Its general knowledge that when shopping for boys, you think of clothes that usually embody both classic and trendy features. Stylish garments that fit right and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Another box that you want to tick, is making sure the outfit or accessory can be used for a long time, in many different ways, seeing as kids grow quickly. Same mindset usually applies to getting a graduation outfit. You start to wonder how they can infuse the special outfit into their wardrobe, moving forward and not push it to the back of the closet, never to see daylight again.

It’s important to note that when getting an outfit for graduation, you don’t get sizes that are too tight or too loose but the actual fit of the child. Don’t overthink it, yes they will grow out of the clothes, but they will get good use for it, as they would other clothes they have, before that happens. We’re going to show you how you can accomplish this as we will be outlining specific ways to mix and match the different components of the outfit to make other on trend get-up’s.

Black suit a plain white winged collar shirt bow tie and cummerbund

The classic graduation look would be a plain black suit that you would pair with a plain white, winged collar shirt, bow tie and cummerbund. A stylish switch up to this look would be to add a shawl, fedora hat and smart sun glasses, for semi-formal and formal outings.

navy blue waist coat slim fit jeans sunglasses headphones

Furthermore, take the plain white shirt component of the graduation suit and pair that with our navy blue waist coat, a good pair of slim fit jeans, sunglasses and trendy headphones for a smart street wear look.

waistcoat denim blue trousers black tie brown fedora hat white sneakers

Use the plain white shirt and eye catching waistcoat that formed a part of his three piece suit, with our denim blue trousers, a nice black tie, a fedora hat, preferably brown, with white lace up sneakers, for a slightly different angle to the street wear motif.

black jacket polka dot shirt denim trousers

A semi-formal take on the classic suit look is to pair the plain black jacket with our dapper navy blue, polka dot shirt and denim trousers which could be either grey or blue. Finish the look with white sneakers. A different way would be to pair the plain black suit's jacket and pants with a lovely plain white tee shirt that has minimal print, and white sneakers.

You can get our range of stylishly curated suits for graduation as well as other relevant pieces for mixing and matching, when you visit Ruff ‘n’ Tumble stores or the Online store.

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