Girls deserve to look great and stylish in whatever outfit they wear. Since accessories always help to elevate a look, it becomes vital to pair accessories with clothes so outfits can really stand out. Charm bracelets and colorful necklaces are a lovely way to introduce our little ladies to the wonderful world of accessorizing as it allows them play dress up in the most fashionable way possible without overdoing it.

charm bracelets

It’s one thing to love bracelets and necklaces, and the roles they play in elevating an outfit; it’s another thing to know how to pair them together to elevate a look. We’ll give an introduction to wearing and using accessories right, plus the different ways to pair our lovely charms on bracelets for different personalities and outfits.

charm bracelets

A charm bracelet is a type of bracelet that usually carries personal jeweled ornaments or "charms", such as decorative pendants or trinkets. The decorative charms usually carry personal or sentimental attachment by the owner so the first step in personalizing charm bracelets for girls is to curate charms based on their personalities. The way to go would be to get charms that are fun and girly but also carry specific inscriptions and/or designs that are tailored to them.


Begin by getting our “Adjustable chain" bracelet that usually comes in gold. It’s a sleek, easy to wear bracelet that you can attach and create numerous charm patterns to, to suit your little girl’s personality. Be careful not to add too many charms to the bracelet but strategically place them in an equally spaced manner so every charm gets the opportunity to shine and together, enhance the whole. With all of this considered, let’s get to designing!

girl with charm bracelet

For the girly girl that loves animals and everything pink, compliment her personality by pairing our “Princess Pony & Grandma’s Girl” charms that are playful and sweet, with our “Boho Bunny & Glitter Cupcake” and our “Glitter S’more & Narwhal” charms. The bracelet would cater to things she likes and identifies with. If she’s leaning more to the playful animals and less to the pink, pair the fun filled “Gumball Machine & Red Fox” charms with the eye-catching “Swivel Monkey & Banana” charms. To add another layer of shine to either of these two charm bracelet combinations, without overdoing it, go for the silver “Bead Stretch” bracelet. It would make for an altogether elegant wrist.  


Go for the colorful “BFF & Glitter Flamingo” charms and pair them with the artsy “I Love Art” charms for the girl who wants to express the bond she shares with her best friends. It’s a statement piece that could symbolize the friendships shared and enjoyed. The gold details in this set of charms here would go well with our gold “Bead Stretch” bracelet that would in turn, be a cute complementary bracelet to pair the charm bracelet with.  

girls wearing charm bracelets and sunglasses

For the bold girl who loves to express her individuality, the glittery “I Love to Dance” charms, paired with our edgy “Glitter Hedgehog & Glitter Pineapple” charms, the “Birthday Balloon Shaker & Cupcake” charms as well as the “Dance Heart & Ballet Slipper” charms, would be the perfect choice. She could also rock this charm bracelet combination for her birthday to provide that wow factor to her outfit. Pump up the volume with an added combination of our “Pink Chain” bracelet and similar “Pink Necklace” (also available in purple) for that added touch of youthful glamour.

You can snag all of these accessories and design different unique variations, when you visit Ruff ‘n’ Tumble stores or the Online store.

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