5 Useful tips on how to shop for your kids

Buying clothes for children can be such fun since there's a lot of cute clothing to choose from. It helps to ask other parents about their shopping experience with their kid's clothing, so you can avoid making the mistakes they made. I've outlined some useful tips that should help you through this.

As you shop for your children’s clothes, one key thing you should consider is how fast they grow, and what textures irritate their skin. Normally, children would prefer certain clothing to others, but while considering this, it's also great to prioritize their comfort as you decide which clothes to buy. A good thing to beware of is the functionality of the clothes you buy as you pick out the right mix for your little angels.

Remember, you don’t want to break the bank buying expensive clothes your child will outgrow quickly. Have a look at these 5 tips that will help you make the right choice as you shop for your kids this season.

Keep an eye out for clothes on SALE!

Stores often have an end of season sales where they offer up to 70% discount on clothing; so they can clear out old stock and allow room for restocking on new items. You may want to cash in on this opportunity to shop convenient fashionable wears, at half their original price. New 'sales' aren’t exclusive to only brick-and-mortar stores, as online boutiques are more in the habit of new sales than the physical clothing store. You can find good deals online and also buy batches of discounted clothing at auction websites.

Have a mix and match of play clothes

Children are very active and sometimes could be rough on clothes. With this in mind, it’s a great idea to purchase mix and match clothing that can survive on the play-ground, during roughhousing with dad, or when they’re accompanying mum to the grocery store. Your child’s clothing should be able to transition these activities, including nap time. A decent colored short, with multiple patterned or complementary colored shirt, is a good idea for this.

Buy a size bigger

For big-boned children, it’s advisable to buy a size bigger when shopping online or at a physical store. Buying their exact size is not a good idea because they grow quickly. If you’re going to buy pants, you should look out for those with some sort of adjustments, like an elastic band, so it’s easier to amend as they grow.


Buy clothing with adjustment

Children that are in between sizes rarely get their exact size for clothes and shoes. It’s either too tight or too loose. With this in mind, it pays to shop for clothes with adjustments that are slightly bigger than the child’s actual size. So, you can adjust them to fit as they grow.


Buy non-trendy gender-neutral wear

For infants, it’s best to buy non-trendy gender-neutral clothing that any child can wear (whether you hope to have more kids or not) so that you can sustain the culture of hand-me-downs to the newest member of your family. You can also pass down these clothing to a relative who may need them, or have them donated to a charitable cause.

With thoughtful planning, you can shop quality, stylish, and comfortable outfit for your kids without breaking the bank.

If you’re uncertain about where to shop quality clothing for your kids, feel free to visit any Ruff ’n’ Tumble store at the location closest to you or visit www.ruffntumblekids.com for details.

Ruff 'n' Tumble is an indigenous premium brand for quality children’s clothing, shoes and accessories, for children between ages 0 to 24 months and 16 years of age.

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