5 Teaching aids that will spur kids interest as you teach

Teaching can be an interesting or frustrating journey for you, depending on the stratagems you adopt. It’s up to YOU, the teacher to create a soothing environment for learning for your kids to increase their enthusiasm to gain new knowledge.

As your child’s primary educator, it is your sole responsibility to simplify learning in ways that engage, captivate, and inspire kids to learn and explore their creativity however possible. 


“You cannot make people learn. You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen.” – Vince Gowmon.

Creating a robust lesson plan, with tools that make teaching much easier, and learning fun is the only trick to it. Across the internet, there are free tools available at your disposal to help you achieve this. You can get some of such tools at ‘ESL Kids Stuff’ where you have access to free lesson plans, worksheets, craft sheets, and many more teaching aids that will help you creatively spice up your lessons.

Have a look at 5 teaching aids that will spur your child’s interest as you teach.


Flashcards are quite popular as a playful means for introducing kids to new words, and it helps their memorization skills. As they grow, it could evolve into a more involved form of learning for your kids. The traditional format of flashcards has two sides (one side with the question and the other with the answer) it could be used with written words to help your child develop reading and writing composition, especially if they’re learning to read and write.

If you don’t have a readymade flashcard, it can be a fun activity for you and your child, creating flashcards for your lessons. Flashcards can also be used as a learning game to get your child’s input on a subject of study.



For older kids, worksheets are a good way to help them retain in memory what they’ve learned on a subject of study. It allows them to practice questions and familiarize themselves with problems to gain a better understanding of how to solve them.

When you use worksheets with children as you teach, it helps to have one-on-one conversations with them to know what areas they may be experiencing challenges in a subject of study, so you can structure your lesson to meet their needs.


Craft sheets

Another interesting way to engage your kids as they learn is through arts and crafts. And craft sheets help you keep your kids engaged and interested in learning. It allows them to explore their creativity in solving problems and create unique solutions too.

There are a lot of craft activities you can have your kids try out that’ll make learning fun. You can also get free arts and craft printable templates online, where you can download at your convenience without stress.



Children remember information more when they sing. Songs are a good way to capture their minds as they memorize a principle. You can have them sing along, and add actions where necessary. They are a good way to teach principles in mathematics or science.

Songs can be used to help kids memorize topics for better understanding, but you have to make a fun activity of it.



When it comes to teaching your child to read and pronounce words, choosing the right books, matter a great deal. The best way to teach reading is to have an understanding of your child’s learning pattern.

One of the most common ways to teach reading, is through the sound out method; where kids are encouraged to pronounce words and read a group of words aloud until they recognize them by sound.

The science behind this is, the fewer words children need to read, the more attention they have, to process a larger number of short words, and understand the vocabulary. That’s why it’s important to get the right book as you teach your child to learn new words.

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