3 Tips to Keep Your Kids Warm as We Glide Through the Rainy Season

Now that the rainy season is here, the temperatures are lower, and it's crucial in this time, to wear clothing for your kids that will keep them warm. You know...we don't anyone falling sick!

As the weather changes throughout different seasons in the year, the body naturally finds ways to adapt to these changes without any disruption to our overall health. But, sometimes as the body adapts, we may experience symptoms like cough, catarrh, headaches, and fluctuating body temperatures, which is normal in this season.

It is important that we take note of the things we can and should do, to improve our health and that of our kids, so that they're not falling in and out of sickness. Here are a few tips to try out.

1. Cover them up in warm clothing 

You should invest in clothing made of wool and cotton, as they're perfect fabrics to keep warm in. Clothes like; sweaters, hoodies, head warmers, stockings, and joggers are excellent examples of clothing that can keep your kids warm. Make sure to cover them up properly at bedtime so they don't catch a cold. Click here to see our collection of hoodies.

2. Avoid cold drinks or food 

Cold food, and drinks aren't the best for your kids this season. In fact, you should make a habit of serving hot meals accompanied by warm drinks (water inclusive) during mealtime. As a matter of fact, warm foods help in regulating body temperature, and that's what we need for our kids this season.

3. Boost their immune system with vitamin C rich foods, and turn of the air conditioning

Include in your child's daily diet, foods that are rich in vitamin C to boost their immune system. Dietary supplements are also a good source of vitamin C as well. You can also replace their snacks and drinks with fruits and smoothies to help them eat healthily. You should also try to regulate the air by turning off the air conditioning occasionally this period. Having your kids stay in a cold environment, may increase their risk of getting pneumonia or even catarrh! It helps to let in some natural air and heat from the sun when it comes out.

Hope you found this article helpful. To read more on this topic, motherhood.com has more to say!

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