Ruff ‘N' Tumble Show Support for Kids Through Corporate Social Responsibility

Statistics from UNESCO reveal that about 67.6% of the total enrolled learners all over the world have been affected as a result of COVID-19, and a fraction of that percentage leaves 37,926,654 children in Nigeria out of school. In hopes to adjust to our new normal, we strongly believe that inclusive learning for our kids is paramount for a post-COVID world.

Before COVID-19, we had physical schools filled with children and teachers indulging in activities that influenced learning, skill development, and garnering social intelligence to help them relate better with other kids and people generally.

We remember how our kids were anxious to get to school in time, so they do not miss out on morning assemblies, or how they were eager to be actively part of school groups that interest them to improve a talent on something they were very passionate about.

During special activities in school, like the open day, visiting day, cultural day etcetera, our kids played with friends for the most part of the day and showed off their new books and gadgets to friends as they engaged with things they were more interested in. Their happy screams during recess were the normal music of the day, and we know they miss that too. Needless to say that physical interaction and bonding seemed an inseparable component in learning.

Now, our kids have to adjust to the new normal by adapting to online learning, which seems challenging than physical learning for obvious reasons. With a lot of distractions, shorter attention span, infrastructural challenges like; internet, electricity, and the availability of parents to coordinate the entire process, online learning is surely not a walk in the park, in this side of the world.

We are aware of those kids whose parents can not afford to provide them with the tools they need to learn remotely, and we will like to make an impact in this regard. We do not want them to be left out of gaining new knowledge, while their friends improve their learning curve. We want to help our kids because they are our future.

We acknowledge non-governmental organizations across Nigeria like; Beyond the Classroom Dreams from the Slum Sharing Life Africa Teach for Nigeria and Wadi Ben Hirki Foundation that are flag-bearers in minimizing disruption in education, in spite of the disruptive pandemic, by ensuring that kids get the education they need this season.

We realize that graduations are gradually closing in, and notwithstanding the global pandemic, our kids will graduate online, strutting their heads high. We are elated that they have the chance to move forward with their education despite the current challenges.

As a means of support, Ruff ‘N’ Tumble will be giving assistance to Slum2School Foundation, by donating educational materials to kids who do not have access to learning tools, so that they too can benefit.

Let us help our kids by making sure learning continues. Let us lend a helping hand by pledging to support Slum2School Foundation today!

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