Everyone you know probably has a clothing item in denim. That just goes to show you how popular the material is. Denim is popular because of its multi-functionality. You can basically wear just about any clothing piece with jeans and the fabric works for just about anybody because over the years, it has been manipulated into various cuts and designs so there is something for everyone. Children don’t only deserve denim but actually need it because of how they are wired. Kids run around all day long, engaging in high energy activities, sometimes just for the fun of it. You can’t blame them, it’s a natural way for them to exist and function. This is why they require jeans, to pair with numerous, easy to wear pieces, because of its easy to style feature, in addition to its protective quality. Your kids need not just any type of denim but ones that have trendy cuts, stylish designs and unique features. In order to know what works for your kids, you need a quick dive into the wonderful world of denim.

girls denim jacket leggings and sunglasses

Denim is a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing that distinguishes it from cotton duck. Denim, as it is recognized today, was first produced in Nimes, France. It’s available in a range of colors, but the most common denim is indigo.

Jeans are a type of pants or trousers, typically made from denim or dungaree cloth. Often the term "jeans" refers to a particular style of trousers, called "blue jeans", which were invented by Jacob W. Davis in 1871. In the early 1980s the denim industry introduced the stone-washing technique, which in turn amassed worldwide acceptance through the 1980s and 1990s, where women and men of all ages, embraced the fabric and used it in numerous ways.

Now that we have a better understanding of the origins and impact of the denim fabric, let’s look at how you can work a few quality pieces into your kid’s outfits for the very best looks.

 girl denim pants tee shirt


Girls require numerous styles and patterns when it comes to what they wear and when it comes to denim, it’s no different as different pieces work well for different looks. The trick is getting denim pieces that work with other pieces well so you can create many looks from them. For baby girl, get our stunning blue “Print Flare Short” skirt. It is soft and made with premium quality denim fabric that is comfortable for her delicate skin. it features an elastic waistband with prints all over and is available for baby girls from ages Nine to Twenty-four months. Pair this quality skirt with our quality beige “Striped Linen Blouse with Bow”. It is made with premium quality linen fabric that is soft and smooth to the skin. It features a round neckline plus a beautifully designed bow detail in front. The sleeve hems are ruffled and the back has a button placket closure. Its available for baby girls from ages Nine to Twenty-four months. Finish the look with our eye catching white “Natural Dress Shoes” that are breathable with perforation detailing, plus cute ankle straps for a firm grip. This adorable pair is available in sizes from 16-19.

For your daughter who would want to pull off a full denim look, go for our premium blue “Denim Long Skinny” pant. It features a striped bow detail at the side, a front button and zipper, and a belt loop. Its available for girls from ages Two to Seven years. Pair with our quality multicolor “Short-Sleeve Tie Dye Jersey” t-shirt. This short-sleeve t-shirt is made with organic cotton and features a round neckline, graphic lettering plus a knot design in front. Its available for girls from ages Four to Thirteen years. Add our eye catching blue “Long Sleeve Denim” jacket. This stylish denim jacket features a sleek button closure, fine stitches, two-pocket styling, pleated detailing at hem, finished with fancy floral details. This fine jacket is available for girls from ages Two to Seven years. Finish this look with our superior sliver “Sparkly Lace” sneakers. This lace-up casual features a silver sparkles all over with a stitched elastic pinstriped frame at the side. The insoles are super soft, breathable and comfortable. Its available in sizes from 32-39.

For a unique take to denim, go for our exceptional blue “Denim Skirt Dungarees” that come with suspenders, embroidered sunflowers, and trendy lace inserts. Its available for girls from ages Two to Six years. Pair this awesome dungarees with our eye catching grey “Short-Sleeve” t-shirt that features a round neckline, fringe details at the sides and is available for girls from ages Four to Thirteen years. Accessorize this look with our lovely blue and white “Casual” sneakers. The unique floral pattern on the surface also provides another level of sophistication. Its available in sizes from 33-39. Very comfortable and durable.

Also get our retro-inspired white “Trendy Fashion” sunglasses that features white-framed sunglasses styled with trendy dark lenses to protect her eyes from the sun.

 boys denim pants with shirt and t shirt


Boys are adventurous and playful. They require garments that are multi-functional in that they look good and trendy but also gives protection and warmth, if need be. Pieces that you can easily match with other fashion pieces to get smart casual and semi casual looks. This is why denim should be an essential element of their closets. Go for our unique grey “Soft Denim” trouser. It comes with a trendy curve pocket styling. It is made from super comfortable denim fabric and its available for boys from ages Two to Seven years. Pair with our eye catching green “Short Sleeve Polo”. This shirt features a spread collar with a green and blue stripes at the sides, a logo prints at the left chest, a number “7” graphic lettering on the right arm. Its available for boys from ages Two to Seven years. Accessorize this hip look with our functional black “Lace Up” sneakers that feature a black lace-up design, breathable holes, black fabric at the middle, black inserts and soft padded insoles. The mid-soles have a unique black and white pattern as well as strong black out-soles. It is available in sizes from 36-41.

Baby boys aren’t left out as they also require denim to look trendy and stylish. don’t be afraid to pair denim and Ankara because they easily go together if done right. Get our cute navy blue “Denim Shorts with Suspenders” that features unique suspenders, belt loops, lettering prints, concealed zip fly and button fastening. It is made from super comfortable denim fabric and is available for baby boys from ages Six to Twenty-four months. Pair with our exceptional green “Short-Sleeve Leaf Print Ankara” shirt. It features a stylish front button placket, spread collar, as well as a grid leaf graphic print all over. Its available for baby boys from ages Nine to Twenty-four months. This adorable outfit wouldn’t be complete without a lovely pair of easy to wear shoes. Get our trendy navy blue “Moccasins” that come with padded insoles and non-slip out soles, for balance and easy movement. Its available in sizes from 17-19.

For a stylish day at the beach or poolside, go for our premium blue “Denim Ripped” shorts. This 5 pocket blue denim ripped shorts for boys comes with belt loops, concealed zip fly with button fastening. It is made from super comfortable denim fabric and is available for boys from ages Eight to Fourteen years. Pair with our eye catching white “Short Sleeve Port” t-shirt. It is made from 100% cotton material, a round neckline, with a seaport detail and is available for boys from ages Eight to Eighteen years. Finish this outdoor look with our functional “Unisex Yeezie” crocks that are lightweight, durable, water-friendly and built with ventilation for breathability and comfort. These crocks are available in sizes from 30-41.

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