Going to school has to do with a lot of books for writing and reading as well as other essential school supplies that can’t all fit into the pockets of kids. It’s a no brainer then, that children need a functional, easy to carry, bag that they can pack up all they need for school. Hence the functional world of Backpacks.

A Backpack, also referred to as a "book bag" or "book sack", in its simplest frameless form, is a fabric sack carried on one's back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders. Backpacks are commonly used by hikers and students, and are often preferred to handbags for carrying heavy loads or carrying any sort of equipment, because of the limited capacity to carry heavy weights for long periods of time, with one’s hands.

girl wearing backpack

Besides it’s obvious “load carrying” functionality, there are a lot of other factors to look out for when getting backpacks for your kids this new school year. You need to consider the features of the bag; how much can it actually carry? Are there compartments to accommodate the different supplies and books your kids require for school? How strong is the bag? And what’s the wear and tear guarantee? These are all good questions to ask but you need to also find backpacks that not only incorporate functional elements, but ones that are also trendy, stylish and suit the child’s personality.

boy wearing backpack

It’s a tall order, getting a backpack that ticks all these boxes. Not to worry, we’ve curated a trendy range of premium backpacks that will not only take care of your kid’s school bag needs but suit their personal styles in a unique way.


Let’s begin with a stylish black backpack that you can’t go wrong with. Designed for boys that prefer plain and functional designs, go for our premium black “Plain” backpack. It features lots of unique compartments, a padded back and quality shoulder straps. It’s aids a mature, modest look.

For the not so girly girl that embodies a wild flower personality (i.e. unique and free spirited), get her our equally unique black “Girl Face” backpack. Not only does it have an eye catching print, it also has a comfortable top grab handle. Very artsy and functional.


Your boy shouldn’t be afraid to rock bold colors. Get him our exceptional burgundy “Plain” backpack. It has a stylish chest strap also helps to stabilize and distribute weight evenly. The color isn’t too loud but just the right hue to let your boy stylishly stand out.


For the trendsetter who is proudly herself, go for our premium pink “Unicorn Girls” backpack. Its features a bold unicorn print and is mostly covered in a lovely pink color. Very now.


For the boy that generally goes with the flow and blends in easily, get him our quality black “Panther Print” backpack. It features a tough, abrasion-resistant bottom and can easily transition from school to being used for sleep overs and other play time activities.


Some girls are girly but don’t want to express that with every passing breath. They like subtle ways to be themselves. For them It’s more about others and less about them. For them, get our special black “Multiple Print” backpack. Its special in that it has little symbols and lettering that are all in neon. Its subtle yet appealing and very beautiful.

Shop all of these functional and trendy Backpacks, as well as other Back to School essentials, when you visit Ruff ‘n’ Tumble stores or our Online store.


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