Getting Your Kids Ready For a New School Year


If you aren’t done ticking off your holiday plans yet, I advise you to buckle up now! In a few days, the long sunny days of summer will be over. You’ll find yourself swapping your kids swimsuits and beachwear with school shoes, socks and backpacks. 

The good news is your kids are heading to a new school or a new class with new uniforms…I’m guessing you have started your back to school shopping by now. The bad news is your child might be hesitant to attend a new school, meeting new friends or having a new teacher especially when your child is an introvert.  


Whether your kid is going to preschool, day school or boarding, you need to get their minds ready for school, here are seven specific things you can do to get your child ready for the coming school year.


  1. Start Waking Your Child up Early: If school resumes soon, start waking your kids early a week before the first day. Set up alarms, let them have their bath early, get them dressed, have breakfast, give them a storybook to read, limit screen time.
  2. Do Back To School Shopping Together: the best way to get them anticipating the new school year is to shop together. Everyone loves shopping and every kid can’t wait to wear their new school shoes, rock their school bags and those popping white socks on the first day…trust me, they won’t stop talking about the new stuff you got them and they will be no sleep a night before the first day of school.
  3. Discuss expectations: if your child graduated with this past set, going to a new school or a boarding school, you should tell them what to expect. Let your child know what his schedule will be like if they have to spend longer hours per subject, expect a test anytime, meet different kinds of people at school, join clubs, have a new teacher with a different teaching method. Let them also talk about their fears and expectations so you can reassure them of the nice things about school. You can give examples of your experiences and your best memories 
  4. Prepare your kids for an emergency:your kids will spend the best part of their day at school so you should plan for the worst-case scenario. Just in case you have more than one child in a school or it’s a boarding school, it’s important to memorize your phone numbers or they have a guardian they can reach out to. Also, reassure them that if a problem arises at school, you will be there for them. 
  5. Get Emergency Medications ready: if your child has health issues or allergies, remember to keep their emergency drugs in their bags, inform the class teacher and teach them when and how to take the drugs.
  6. Consider Rewarding Your Child for Good Grades: if your child didn’t do well in school the previous year, this is another opportunity to encourage him/her, give the necessary support, provide the required materials or textbooks and also promise a huge reward if there are changes. Don’t forget to also encourage your child that got all A’s to keep up the good work. 


While we understand your child could be a toddler going to school for the first time, you need to consider how they will react to other kids, new nannies and having to stay without you for long hours. Lastly, you could tick off your back to school shopping list in any RuffnTumble store nationwide or click to shop online, let’s make this a wonderful school year full of memories, discovery, creativity, 




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