There’s a famous saying that goes “A father is a man who expects his children to be as good as he meant to be.”. The 21st century dad is the one who not only wants to be a provider and defender but one who wants to do the work with, and be there for his kids. He’s the guy who wants to go to his kid’s games and wants to see the latest live action children’s blockbuster with his children. He’s present because he understands that being there helps to mold his children so they have fully functioning and emotionally healthy childhoods.

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A huge part of developing a child’s life is helping to structure the child’s behavioral patterns. These include how he interacts with everyone else, manners, intellectual patterns and even appearance and grooming culture. Looking good doesn’t happen overnight. A dad is literally the first role model a child will want to emulate so why not show the child the way by leading with a high sense of personal style.

For Father’s day, its usual to go out and have an intimate and fun time with the wife and kids. Looking good on this day sends a very important message. Why not go the stylish route with us? We’ll be showing you ways to coordinately shine on that special day, and even on special days after the day.

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Highlighting your masculinity with the strategic use of appealing colors is the way to go here. Go for our unique multicolored “Men’s Adire Short Sleeve Shirt". This stunning shirt is as functional as it is stylish. you can pair this with denim or even cotton pants. This stylish shirt is available for Men from sizes “S” to “XL”. It’s advisable to pair this unique top with pants that are not too colorful for the perfect blend.

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Here you want to coordinate with daddy and the kids but you want to look sophisticated and classy. Go for our vibrant multicolored “Women’s Adire Flow Dress”. With a unique design and stunning print, this dress is a perfect statement piece for events and outdoor fun with the family. Its available for women from sizes “M” to “XL”.

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Your princess would want to look as stunning as mummy but with a youthful twist. Go for our colorful “Girls Multicolor Adire Dress” as it is a cute and stylish and bold piece that works well for events and special occasions. Pair with sneakers or even ballerinas and your girl will look exceptional. The dress is available for girls from ages Two to Sixteen years.

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Boys want to look as dapper as their fathers so why not go for a fun interpretation of the design for dads, in our Afrocentric multicolor “Boys Adire Short Sleeve Shirt”. This unique shirt is super fun and can be worn with pants, shorts, jeans, and is available for baby boys from ages Nine to Twenty-four months, as well as boys from ages Two to Sixteen years.

Get these stylishly coordinated looks to celebrate the special day with loved ones, as well as so many other stylish pieces, when you head to any of our Retail stores or our Online store.


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