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At Charterhouse Lagos, our uniform symbolizes community spirit and excellence, fostering unity and pride among all students. All students are required to wear the designated school uniform, promoting a sense of unity and pride.

Key Points of Our Uniform Policy:

  • Consistency: All students must adhere to the specified uniform guidelines to ensure consistency and equality.
  • Presentation: Uniforms should be clean, well-maintained, and worn with respect.
  • Components: The uniform includes specific items for daily wear, physical education, and special occasions, as outlined in our detailed uniform guide.
  • Accessories: Limited and approved accessories are permitted to maintain a neat and professional appearance.
  • Enforcement: Adherence to the uniform policy is monitored, and any deviations will be addressed promptly.

For detailed information on the uniform requirements and purchasing options, please refer to our Uniform Guide or contact the school administration.