For a lot of mothers, life is a balancing act of consistent devotion to their children and self-care. Sometimes it feels like you’re doing it all wrong but you need to remind yourself that there is no secret code and tell yourself: You Are Mom Enough.


This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating moms from all walks of life because the glorious maternal bond is beautifully diverse. At Ruff‘n’Tumble, our ethos has firmly remained rooted in creating happiness and inspiring confidence in children, and there’s no separating this from parenting, especially from doting mothers. That’s why this Mother’s Day 2021 collection serves as the perfect dose of Mommy & Me goals for every Nigerian mother.

 Mum and Me Adire Outfits


Fashion transcends generations and binds us all together, and this is what our collection seeks to do with trendy pieces perfect for mothers and children.

Buzz textile of the moment, Adire, was our print of choice for its rich, airy vibe and all-encompassing appeal. Just like the ankara fabric, this traditional Yoruba art form is steeped in the art of storytelling. Adire motifs go a step further with authenticity due to the practice’s indigenous nature. An art form pioneered by Yoruba womenAdire is used in highlighting stories unique to us as a cultural collective.

 African Adire Mum and Me Outfits

You’ll see the Adire fabric across pieces for mothers, girls and boys. Playing on colors to elevate the cool tone of the indigo textile, red adire is infused for a much needed oomph, highlighted in the boy’s hoodie with finely placed pockets, you’ll also find it gracing the gorgeous pleats of the girl’s dress.


Beautiful Mom and Me Outfits


Here, chic motherhood style is made much easier with the most sumptuous silk crepe pieces in the brightest spring colors. The deliberate loose fit targets versatility in its wear. Dress up with your daughter for a lovely Sunday brunch or pair with pants to dress it up for a more formal family event. Whatever your choice, enjoy your Mother’s Day celebration and look and feel your best.

 Mom and Me Outfits for Mother's Day





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