Kids enjoy looking good, whether it’s through the stylish clothes they wear, or the trendy accessories they just have to have. Thing is, these kids are tuned into what is not just current and trendy but stylish and eye catching. It’s a story as old as time, kids hear of the latest designs in clothes, and in this case, the ultimate must have accessory, the latest pair of quality sneakers, they anticipate the almighty “drop” of said piece. They then go all out to get them. They do things like begging and pleading with their parents for money, doing odd jobs around the house to get tips and allowances, saving up as much as they can, all to get their hands on the latest, must have pairs. This gives them bragging rights amongst friends and kids alike, that they are, in fact, one of the first ones to “rock” the latest so and so. In order to understand the obsession with this particular footwear type, you have to understand the genius of the sneaker.

Sneakers, also called trainers, kicks, sport shoes, or runners, are shoes primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise, but are now also widely used for everyday casual wear. Since their popularization by companies such as Converse, Nike and Spalding in the mid-20th century, they have become attire, with variety growing in many global markets exponentially. Contemporary sneakers are largely made from synthetic materials.

white and brown sneaker

During the 1990s, shoe companies perfected their fashion and marketing skills. Sports endorsements with famous athletes grew larger, and marketing budgets went through the roof. Sneakers became a fashion statement and were marketed as a definition of identity and personality rather than simply athletic aids. This seeped deep into culture so much so that it has become a rite of passage for adults and kids alike to not only wear sneakers in their everyday fashion but own the latest and most functional range to mix and match effortlessly with their clothes to make for the best looks.

You definitely want your kids feeling happy and looking good, wearing the latest in premium sneakers, so why not dive into our trendy and functional range, for the best quality money can buy, especially as we join the world in celebrating National Sneaker Day, on the 9th of October.

 gold sneakers


When you think of fashion for your daughters, you think cheek, stylish and darling. Well you’ll have to think again and expand your world views because fashion, for girls, has expanded to more edgy, innovative and rule breaking territories. Sneakers aren’t left out as girls today wear different designs and styles.

For a calm yet unique take to razzle dazzle, go for our premium white “Lace Up Sneakers with Fuchsia Soles”. This stunning pair features kid-friendly cushioned insoles, lace-up closure with pink outsoles and is available in sizes from 36-41. Your girl can wear these out to a wide range of events as the white element makes it suitable for many looks, and the touch of neon pink gives it an edgy, yet girly, touch.

You can never go wrong with monochrome colors like the white mentioned above, as well as our quality black “Sport” trainers that features an elastic band with graphic lettering on the top, a sock-like feel and insoles, made with soft cotton and lightweight outsoles that adds an extra layer of stability and comfort. It is suitable with casuals, and a functional choice for athleisure activities. They are available in sizes from 26-31.

What’s a baby girls closet without a little bit of shimmer? Get her our eye catching gold “Velcro” sneakers that has padded insoles and quality outsoles, enabling your girl move around comfortably and stylishly. The double Velcro enables easy pull off and on. This shiny pair is available in sizes from 20-25.

 blue sneakers


Boys should ooze confidence and a high sense of style, as they run around, conquering all their daily adventures. Let them shine bright in sneakers that present them in trendy and fashion forward ways.

For the stylish gentleman, get our exceptional grey “Lace Up” sneakers. These easy slip-on’s feature stylish laces with logos, red loop fabric on the sides, and rubber outsoles. The heel tab has a grey soft leather fabric sitting on the collar. This all makes for a unique pair he can wear to both formal and casual events. Its available in sizes from 32-39.

Boys love color and the graffiti element integrated into their fashion as its energetic, vibrant and very now. Go for our sleek white and black “Lace Up” sneakers. It features a lovely monochrome blend, as well as a very unique graphic design, breathable insoles, and functional rubber outsoles. Its available in sizes from 26-35.

For boys that want to express their artistic sides in cool and comfortable ways, get them our artsy black “Graphic Slip On” sneakers that combines a unique graphic print, that is very high street, with the functional and fashion forward sneaker form. Its available in sizes from 30-47 and works for casual and semi-formal looks, for events and activities.

Happy National Sneaker Day! Every day is a day to step out wearing nothing but the best pairs. Shop our premium range of sneakers, and so much more, when you visit any of our Retail stores nationwide or the Online store.



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