Things No One Tells You About Parenting a Teenager

Parenting is an adventure and parenting a teenager is an even bigger one! The teenage years are a major stage when your little baby’s personality, emotions, thinking and physical appearance change drastically. It definitely goes without saying that your presence in your teen’s life is needed during this time.

Although, your teenager might act like they don’t need you, they really do. They may talk less, stay in their rooms for long hours or even have outbursts but all of these do not mean they don’t want your attention or love. Research shows that parents should spend more time with their kids in their teenage years as it is the bridge between childhood and adulthood and they need all the help they can get!

Also, the teenage years are typically when your kids want to explore new things like alcohol, partying and yes …sex , so you definitely have to stay ahead of external influences and prepare your teenagers for everything possible. 

It’s not all bad though, the teenage years are a beautiful period when they begin to blossom as people and really find their sense of self.

Here are a few things to expect from your teenager:

  1. He will sleep for a LONG time.
  2. You’ll be reminded each day of how uncool you are.
  3. He will never agree with his dad
  4. Get ready to hear “my boyfriend, my girlfriend”
  5. Prepare to help them deal with breakups
  6. Your teenage son will injure himself just as much as he did when he was younger
  7. They always need to go somewhere. Single. Day. A friend’s house, various sports practices, dance classes, extra school assignments that can’t possibly get done during school hours. 
  8. They will want to lock themselves up in their rooms.
  9. You will see him counting his facial hairs from time to time. He will count his facial hairs as they arrive.
  1. Space is something that every teen girl needs. Give a little bit of freedom and trust
  2. They’re body-snatchers. With just a blink of an eye, they grow so big and they are almost your size
  3. Your teenage girl will roll her eyes so much that you’ll swear they might get stuck in the back of her head at some point
  4. He will be bored, no matter what
  5. You will find that he cares for you in unexpected ways.
  6. Their appetite becomes voracious and they will love your cooking.
  7. It’ll be somewhat unclear whether he’s lazy, forgetful, or both.
  8. You’ll pay attention to the way teenage boys behave more than you ever have in your life.
  9. Your girl needs you as a parent and support system rather than a friend who is battling the same struggles as she is. Don’t forcefully be her BFF.
  10. Cute boys, fine girls will be a common lingo in your household
  11. You’ll find that the mixtures of body spray, perfume, and lotion smells just as bad as your son’s body odor, it’s just a different kind of stink.
  12. She will have a more annoying attitude and you will start to suspect sex! 
  13. She will need your constant reassurance that she is perfect and beautiful because she spends more hours with other teens with great bodies and looks.
  14. They need you to listen
  15. Don’t expect instant compliance, they won’t do things your way sometimes.


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