The Journey to The Perfect Gift

Children are the ultimate gifts mankind has ever received and continues to receive. We are honored to be graced with their joy, their contagious happiness and love. We just love everything about them! They come into our lives bearing unique gifts and talents to share with the world, so, what else can you give the ultimate perfect gift if not something perfect...well, let’s say almost perfect. So, we must embark on a journey to create masterpieces, perfection for them.

The journey to perfection may be tough, rough, may even seem like an impossible feat but is it attainable? Absolutely!  Case in point-gold. Before gold attains that shimmering perfection that adorns you just beautifully, you’d find it in dirt. Its purification process may make one seem silly like ‘why waste your time with dirt right?’ but the final result-pure luxury!

It’s kinda same thing for us. At first, an outfit is nothing but a basic idea or image in our minds. Sometimes, our minds may even paint a funny picture but through our delicate processes which involves all the love, care and intentionality you can ever imagine, we’ve designed what we call ‘The Perfect Gift’ for your sweethearts.

 The Perfect Gift and It’s Process

The perfect gift isn’t just one fit, oh no. It’s a collection of all the elegant pieces we’ve put together for you this festive season.

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At first, the perfect gift may not seem like it while in our minds, so we proceed to draw the picture. Yup, that’s right, we begin with sketching. We activate our creativity and sketch some of the best indigenous pieces you’d ever find. Right after that, we move to the pattern making. We create and curate amazing patterns bearing in mind the environment, culture, fabric, colour, trends and the distinct needs of children.

The journey doesn’t stop there, buckle your seatbelts cause you’re in for a fun ride through our process. Next phase is the cutting phase. Several cuts later and we’re at the draping process.

Draping is where we try to fit them on mannequins to ensure it’s going to be nothing short of perfection by the time the garments are fully ready. After that, it’s stitching time. We’re getting there, can you see?

Then we move to fittings. Remember the goal is perfection so even though it ought to end there, we really don’t. We place the garments under scrutiny, and subject them to thorough quality control check. We follow this process for every one outfit we design, for you.

Lol. Yep, it does take a village but for you, it’s all worth it. All of it.

Why Go Through All That?

The reason is simple. It’s all for you. You’re our only reason. We love to make kids happy and we hate to see you manage poor quality clothing. You should have clothes that are built to last. You totally deserve clothes that will build their confidence and esteem, especially at this age.

A child shouldn’t have to cower in low self-esteem amongst their friends simply because they’re not wearing something as good as them. We’re here to stop all of that and build happy, confident children.

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Shopping The Perfect Gift

Whatever your idea of perfection for premium indigenous kiddies’ clothes, accessories and shoes this season, just know we’ve got them and they’re perfect for your cupcakes.

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Go ahead and shop our Christmas collection of perfect gifts in our stores or on  Have a blast!

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