Teaching Your Kids How To Show Love To People.

For some, Valentine’s day is simply a date invented by Pope Saint Valentine and to others, it’s an opportunity for lovers to show their love. Regardless of your belief about Valentine’s Day, we think it’s a great opportunity to teach your kids about showing love to everyone and not just on Valentine’s Day!

Teaching kids how to show love

Love is such a great feeling and as parents, we tend to experience love in a whole new, amazing way the very first time you hold your baby. Being in love with your kids feels wonderful but doing love is much more fulfilling and it means that the ability to show love is an essential skill you need as a parent so your kids can learn to show love to others.

 Teaching Kids How To Show Love

In a society where the meaning of love has been altered, the best way parents can model the right meaning of love to their kids is by putting it into action. Showing kids how to act lovingly to people around them builds their emotional intelligence by making them aware of how their loving actions makes people smile, laugh and fill their hearts with joy and happiness.


If you are looking for ways to teach your kids about love, here are some great ideas

  1. Random Act of Kindness: every parent surely wants their kids growing up to be kind, compassionate and caring individuals. Merely talking about kindness doesn’t show you leading by example. Instead of telling kids to be kind, show them examples of how to be kind. Give out food during Christmas, Ramadan, share toys, clothes and books to those less privileged, help those in need.  Be your kid’s  role model by acting in the right way. If you treat people with love and kindness, your kids would do the same.


  1. Spending Meaningful Time with Your Kids: most times, we might often find ourselves caught up with work for long hours and we end up getting home late just to find our kids asleep. Showing love can be as little as talking about work, their friends at school, having dinner as a family during weekends. Putting away your phone, giving that hundred percent attention and your listening hear makes them know that you care. Your presence during school activities can also go a long way.


  1. Celebrating Your Child: we tend to celebrate achievements instead of the effort our kids put into doing things. We forget how excited we were the first time they crawled, walked or even memorized the Alphabets. Remember every child is special in his own way and grades or medals cannot completely quantify efforts. We can show love by giving words of encouragement, supporting when they show an interest in a skill, help them out with school assignment or science projects.


  1. Family Love is Unconditional: a child from a loving family would surely find it easy to be kind and compassionate to people. If kids grow with the mindset that their family would always be there for them in times of need and you will always love them, they will be happy and confident. Setting up family outings, family trips, going shopping together, watching their favorite TV shows and taking mummy and me pictures will teach them about unconditional love.

Teaching kids how to show love


  1. Teach Selflessness: holding the door for someone to come in first or letting a pregnant woman into a queue, planting a flower are examples of selfless acts. Kids tend to have a sense of ownership whether with their toys, shoes, clothes or as even little as drawings they colored at school. Teaching them to put people first and be concerned about the needs of others is teaching them how to love.

Teaching kids how to show love


As a parent, you might get caught up with teaching your kids how to love without consciously saying “I Love You Baby” out loud. With a continuous reminder that they are loved, they become happier and also spread love to those around them.

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