Whoever came up with the phrase “Boys will be boys” really knew what they were talking about because boys are naturally designed to be adventurous, spontaneous, curious and outdoorsy. Most boys, usually from when they are young, tend to be imaginative. They build make believe worlds in their heads where their toys come alive. They believe in superheroes they see in comics and motion pictures and incorporate their superpowers into playtime.

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Boys are naturally active and so they require functional active wear that incorporates colorful designs and symbols that are based on the activities and things they generally gravitate to. Sort of like how superheroes wear suits and capes, they wear their tee shirts like an armour, ready to conquer the world.

They require easy tops that they can pair with jeans and pants to face the many activities of the day. Getting trendy tees that have these features, becomes a hassle but look no further, we’ve curated the trendiest collection of eye catching t-shirts that would get your boys, conquering their active days, in style.


Go for tees that have artistically designed graphic prints because they give boys an artsy, colorful look. Get our navy blue “Short Sleeve Weekend Vibes” t-shirt that features a round neckline as well as a set of palm trees graphic print with lettering in front. We also have the smart looking “Short Sleeve” t-shirt that features a cute retro scooter with a “wild life zebras” inscription underneath it. These shirts are available for little boys, ages two to seven years.

Short Sleeve Weekend Vibes

And if you’re really into lovely t-shirts that incorporate other colorful means of transportation, go for the navy blue “Short Sleeve Scooter Print” t-shirt that feature different color scooters in descending order that will surely get your little boys looking and feeling happy. Pair it with shorts, sneakers and a fedora for that family day in a cabana look. Its available for boys ages two to seven and its very summertime, very poolside and very fun.

Short Sleeve Scooter Print tee shirt

Get t-shirts that capture or recreate magical and beautiful places because these are the images that kids relate to the best. For little boys, two to seven, go for our navy blue “Glow in the Dark” t-shirt that features a vivid depiction of the deep blue ocean floor and a scuba diver. It’s very eye-catching and the design is top notch because it has a unique glow in the dark feature in its design, that will give boys that easy breezy stylish confidence one would normally get from wearing premium garments and prints.


For semi-formal get ups, where the shirts are to give a plain but high end, semi-serious tone, go for our navy “Patent Cuffed Short Sleeve” t-shirt that is made from high-quality cotton and features a round neckline, breast pocket, elasticated arm, and a minimal “Regatta Crest” graphic print. Pair this with khakis and loafers for a country club look he can wear to semi-formal and outdoor events. Also available for boys, aged two to seven. A must have.


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