Sporty and Stylish: The new fashion trend for Athleisure wear


By many accounts, athleisure is the signature fashion trend of the 21st century so far. The expression comes from the contraction of “athletic” and “leisure” and refers to athletic apparel which people can wear in non-athletic settings. It was seen, for a long time, as “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use”. Athleisure became widespread in 2016 when key influencers Beyoncé and Rihanna introduced athleisure to the mainstream, with the help, respectively, of Puma and Topshop, using Instagram as a runway to commercial success.

Athleisure combines comfort and function with fashion. In most cases, the apparel items are quite minimalistic in pastel colours or black and white. But neon colours and floral prints are also part of the trend. Typical athleisure items include leggings, sports bras, sweaters, tracksuit bottoms, and sneakers.

Athleisure wears for kids sports

Athleisure wear for kids

Athleisure wear for kids

Athleisure pieces can be integrated into your kid’s regular wardrobe by blending fashion pieces such as jeans or jackets with active wear pieces such as sneakers, sweat pants or a sports bra, you’ll help them create a well-balanced look. When shopping for athleisure style, choose pieces that are comfortable and sports-inspired yet stylish and chic, you’ll be sure to invest in only the best items. 

Athleisure sporty clothes for kids

Athleisure sporty outfits for kids

Cop a wide range of athleisure pieces for both boys and girls in various styles and colours from joggers to jackets, shorts and polo tees in different ages: baby 0-24 months, small kids 2-7 years and big kids 8-16 years

 kids athleisure sporty wear

Complete your kids athleisure looks by accessorising appropriately. Stick to sleek, sports vibe but add a touch of personal style. A pair of aviator sunglasses, a baseball cap, or a stylish backpack will all work perfectly.

 Kids athleisure sporty wear

Kids sporty athleisure wear

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