Rise and Shine, It’s Learn O’clock!

You know how kids love the merry holidays right? But they seem to not like going back to school right after the holidays because they’re still pretty much in the festive spirit. It’s hard to get them out of it but who says you need to get them out of it anyway? Why can’t they just go on to have a merry new year?

Just because the holidays ended, it doesn’t mean that the merriment should come to a standstill. Life’s boring that way if we get to have such merriment just once a year. And that’s why we’re here to make sure our cuties stay happy even as they head back to school.

Is it possible to make them look forward to school time again? Yes, 1000%! It all depends on how you prepare their minds for school time. Do you make them understand that learning is fun? Or do you just wait for them to get dressed and drop them off?

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Time to put in more effort this new year. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in all this, we’re right by your side making sure back-to-school transition happens smoothly. How about we give you an insight on making that happen? Sounds like a plan yeah? Great, let’s do this.

It’s All in the Confidence

Breaking news mummies and daddies: you’re not the only ones who love to be the confident one in the room. Kids too want the same thing.

That’s why you’d find them showing off their new back-to-school essentials to their friends and getting a little bit too chatty about how they spent their holidays.

What you want to do is make them look forward to school by building this confidence. And just how do you do this? Well, in this case, you do it by shopping only the best of premium back-to-school essentials such as socks, quality shoes, pajamas, even their underwear! Yes, all these helps!

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Imagine everyone else using trendy backpacks, but your cute little one is the only one still using same bag from the previous year? No, please. New year, dapper stuff because they deserve the best. Thank you.

Less Pressure, More Love

Let them know it’s okay. It’s okay to fail. It’s okay for them to be clumsy. It’s okay for them to forget their pens in school.

We know what you’re thinking, please, relax. There is no success without failure. In fact, if they’re not failing at something, it’s because they’re not even trying anything new. They won’t always fail at these things, eventually, they’d pick their learnings. Just be patient with them.

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Don’t ask them if their mates have got two heads when they don’t come top of their class, instead ask them questions about any difficulties they seem to be experiencing at learning and the learning methods they prefer.

This is one case where we’d appeal to you to apply less pressure and more love. Trust us, it works magic for an adult, how much more, a developing child!

Rise and Shine, Honey!

We’re all for making our lovelies happy but sometimes, the line between making them happy and completely being a bit too carefree, is very thin. Sometimes, faint.

We need to be intentional with how they use their time. Sleeping time shouldn’t be Coco melon time. You know what they say, early to bed, early to rise, lest they go to school all tired, sleepy and inattentive simply because their sleeping and waking up time wasn’t properly monitored and regulated.

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Why do we Care?

It’s simple! Because we love them as much as you do. That’s our only response. And one of the ways we show this is by designing a wide range of functional back-to-school essentials.

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You know it’s learn O’clock! When we wait for you in our stores or on www.ruffntumblekids.com. We’d be looking forward to your patronage.

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