Childhood is truly something special. Children spend this time running around, playing and exploring the world around them, with no limitations and no inhibitions. Innocently figuring the world out, one mistake at a time. Being young, wild and free. A freedom they’re usually eager to experience anytime they get the chance. The quickest way to get most kids out the door is to say to them “get ready, were going out”. They basically love outings and going to exiting new places because it’s either a fresh or familiar good experience. They basically wear whatever they see and eagerly reply “I’m ready!!!”. Looking at them you see that this isn’t true because there was no thought put into it. At this point, they don’t care how they look, they only care about the outing, the destination, the experience.

Don’t blame them, you were once like that and all you wanted was the rush from leaving the house to go on mini adventures. That’s why you’re there to get them back into their closets and correctly dress them so they step out looking and feeling on top of the world. Here, we’re going to show you simple ways to make stylish pieces for going out, work perfectly for the kids.



Denim is very essential to children’s style motif as it’s easy to wear and goes with so many other fashion pieces. They come in different cuts and styles. For girls, they can pair with different tops to look good when stepping out. Get her our high quality “Bleached Denim Long” trouser. It’s a trendy, multifunctional piece. Pair them with our premium beige “Chiffon Print” jacket made from high-quality mixed animal print chiffon (both are available for girls aged two to seven years). Accessorize the look with the charming “Gold Bead Stretch” bracelet that is super stretchy and eye catching as well as our brown “Fashion” sunglasses that feature a leather frame, nose bridge which provides support between the lens and face and also a dark lens which protect the eye from sunlight, and she off to the races.

Girls are not limited to a particular style of denim pants; go for different fits, shapes and different designs. Get the unique blue “Denim Cullote” pants that feature five pocket styling, a belt loop, and concealed front zipper. The bleached bottom makes it exceptionally stylish for any casual occasion. Another stunning pair of pants is the blue “Denim Skinny fit” trouser that is a high-quality denim pant with belt loops, button and zip closure plus contrast detail at the back pocket. Pair with a cute T-shirt plus a nice pair of sneakers for a casual look. Both pants are available for girls aged eight to eighteen years.


Boys are active and should be able to fully express themselves when they step out. You should definitely incorporate denim into their closets and style as its multifunctional and easy to style. Get our “Denim Blue Printed” shorts that features a premium graphic print is a simple and smart look and is available for boys aged six to seven. It can be paired with a Polo top or T-shirt and sneakers or sandals for that urban and trendy look. 

Get your little boys looking extra special in our blue “Denim Pants with Suspenders” that comes with a cute suspender, belt loops, concealed zip fly, button fastening and is available for little boys aged six to twenty-four years. It is made of super comfortable denim fabric and perfect for simple occasions and outdoor activities.



Kids should always make a statement whenever they step out and the exiting and colorful way to do this is with a cool Tee. Let your girl radiate confidence in our choice navy “Short Sleeves Cotton” t-shirt that comes with a front graphic print, short sleeves, and red glitter details and is available for girls aged two to eight years. For a colorful look, get our cute white “Short Sleeve Graphic” t-shirt. It features a round neckline with angel sleeves and graphic print in front. It is made with premium cotton fabric that is soft and smooth to the skin. Its available for girls aged two to seven years. styling this top with denim and a nice pair of sneakers will be perfect for casual occasions.

Little girls can really show their cute side in our lovely white “Tuscan” t-shirt. This tank top is a versatile piece that can be worn with jeans, skirts, joggers, and more as it features a relaxed fit and soft stretch fabric as well as a round neckline and is available for little girls aged three to four while our baby princesses can step out with mummy and daddy in our super cute red “Tank Top with Heart Print” t-shirt that features a relaxed fit and soft stretch fabric, round neckline, and cap-sleeves. Its available for little girls aged nine to twenty-four months.

Boys love to look sporty so let them look confident and active in trendy cool tees. Get him our snazzy navy blue “Long Sleeve Rowing Team” t-shirt, made with quality cotton fabric and has a comfortable and fashionable fit. It features a round neckline, long sleeves and graphic lettering and is available for boys aged two to seven years. We also have the artsy white “Short Sleeve” t-shirt that has a round neckline, short sleeves and features a cute retro scooter with a “wild life zebras” inscription underneath it. It’s also made with cool stretchy fabric. The perfect addition to your boy's casual collection.

Let little boys unleash their stylish side in our premium white “Basic Short Sleeve” t-shirt as it features a cute graphic print, round neckline and short sleeves. It is made from soft, stretchy fabric and can be paired with jeans and a pair of sneakers for a casual look. Available for little boys aged six to twenty-four months.  

 boy wearing sneakers


It’s not enough to look good in a trendy outfit and finish it up with a pair of less than stellar shoes. Doing that would bring the quality of the look down. Let kids going out look good from head to toe. Get them trendy footwear that elevates the look so they shine.

For girls going for outings and events, get them our exceptional “Multi color Floral” sneakers. They are unique in that they are a pair of casual lace-up slip-ons with durable canvas upper and pink laces. They are beautiful in that they feature an all-over multi-color print that gives comfort, style and elegance. Available in sizes 32-39.

Boys need to look confident when they step out so let them step out in high quality shoes.  Get them our quality red “Leather” Moccasins as they combine style and comfort. They come with padded insoles and trendy styling. Perfect for everyday outfits or simple occasion such as house birthday parties or social gatherings. Available in sizes 20-39

Another trendy pair you should get for your boys is the stylish blue “Canvas Shoe with Logo”. They are premium as they come with adjustable double Velcro fastening for a perfect fit and easy adjustment. Available in sizes 20-38.



Kids deserve to not just look good but really shine when they step out. Accessories are ornaments that are worn to elevate the outfit. Boys and girls require different accessories to make their outfits pop.

Girls should step out wearing premium accessories. These accessories should include hair bows, headbands and bracelets. Get them our stunning “Hair Bow” bundle. It features an Ankara and ribbon with bow detail, the other two have a beautiful floral design with the green having pearl details. Girls can wear them with dresses and outfits for outings and events

Another essential accessory your daughter will love is the quality gold “Bead Stretch” bracelet that is stretchy, super comfortable and adds a great sense of style especially with the addition of charms. Charms are unique ornaments that can be added to the bracelet to further beautify it. Get her our unique “Gumball Machine and Red Fox” charms as well as our stunning “Dance Heart and Ballet Slipper” charms. These unique pieces feature a beautiful gumball machine, a red fox with a loop attachment as well as a pink ballerina shoe and a heart with graphic letting and glitters all over. You can add these cute charms to the bracelet to make it colorful and an exciting addition to the outfit.

Let your daughter look stunning with our gorgeous pink “Chain” necklace. This piece is specially coated with a pink anti-tarnish coating that brings out that cutesy Barbie look for outings. Add a bit of class with a pendant to elevate the look for that extra touch of style.

Going out means being exposed to sunlight so it’s important that girls step out wearing an accessory that not only compliments their outfits but protects their eyes from the sun. get her our trendy blue and white “Fashion” sunglasses. It has a square frame, round lenses, nose bridge which provides support between the lens and face, as well as a reflective lens that protect the eyes from sun light. its available in large and also in red and white.

Boys are not left out of the accessories game. Get them looking snazzy in a stylish belt. It helps to pull the outfit together effortlessly. Get them our stylish navy “Elastic Rubber” belt. It is versatile, functional, and a true must-have, available from two to sixteen years. Another stylish belt is our exceptional red “Elastic” belt. The elastic strap here makes it functional and comfortable as it grips the waist better with no pressure on the abdomen. It also features brown leather that radiates class and quality.

Get all of these essential pieces, and so much more, when you visit Ruff ‘n’ Tumble stores or the Online store.

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