6 important things fathers' do to making their kids happy

As we know, fathers are the patriarchs in every home. They're known as the figure head's, leaders, guardians, and providers in the home. In 90 percent of families around the world, fathers are the bread-winners in the family. It comes as no surprise since their roles require that of them.

We seldom talk about the important roles fathers play in the lives of their children, and particularly their wives. But in recent times, pediatricians, child psychologists, and writers have begun to shed more light on the essential roles fathers play, in bringing happiness to the lives of their children.

In this article, we highlight 6 key things a father's role requires, and how they contribute to making a child happy. 

Fathers provide for their family: The weight of being the leader of a family  comes with its unique set of responsibilities, and since fathers are leaders of their homes, their roles come with the sole responsibility to provide for both their family. They assume the responsibility to provide food, clothing, shelter, and religious guidance for their immediate family, to create a stable environment for their kids. 

Fathers show love to both their children and wives: The impact a loving father has on his toddler, his 9-year-old, his teenager, or his wife; fosters a relationship that is built on love and understanding. Children feed off, of positive energy, they can sense tension as much as they can comfort. When fathers use endearing words and show love to their spouses, it creates a love-filled environment that enables emotional stability in the child.

Loving Father shows genuine care and concern to the needs of their family members. They buy gifts, spend time with their kids, and are interested in their development as they grow. Read more on this here.

Father's instill discipline and provide guidance to their kids: Since dads are the patriarch's in every family, they provide leadership, guidance, and counsel in matters of life in the home. When things go wrong with the kids, they're the ones that instill discipline with their mantle of leadership and correct the kids in love.  






Father's invest in their children's education: Fatherhood is a lifelong journey and in this expedition, they understand the importance of a bright future for their kids. It's every dad's dream to have their children lead better lives than they, that means good education; so that they can get better jobs and be well-positioned in society when they come of age.




Fathers set the tone for their child's relationship with others: Children become cautious of the type of company they keep, as well as the kinds of relationships they have with their friends, as a result of their Father's influence. Because of the understanding dads share with their kids, children will rarely let down their father's expectations of them by keeping friends their dads wouldn't approve of.  






Fathers provide emotional support to their children: When fathers lend a listening ear to their kids, they help reduce the burden the kids may have. In cases where kids share their challenges and concerns, dads offer encouraging words and help the kids tackle problems they may encounter, head-on.




With extracurricular activities like sports, music, dancing, art, etc, Fathers keep an eye on their wards to help them walk through the challenges they may face. Their influence in the child's life boosts their child's self-esteem and happiness.






We know how important fathers are to their kids and the essential role they play in making kids happy by creating a loving environment where the kids can express themselves freely and lean on their father figures (in cases when a dad in non-existent) for support. 



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