Making ‘Graduation Day’ Extra Special

Graduation day for any child is a day of joy and pride as they get to showcase their academic achievements to family and friends. It’s a day where they should look and feel confident. They also are expected to appear formal yet radiate fun and style, as it is indeed a happy day to show off and show out. An outfit that embodies all these elements, is the essential puzzle piece to completing this memorable day for them.

Schools usually have outfit requirements for how graduating kids are to appear on the day. That is basically a blank page that you can color in. It is usually formal as they would require suits for boys and gowns or dresses for girls. Nothing flashy or too eye catching. This is understandable but still not a good reason to end up looking bland, plain or washed out. Work with the stipulated requirements but put your own spin to it so the kid’s outfits tick all the boxes and still pop!



Our men in waiting, need to look dapper and clean in their formal outfits so the ideal ensemble for them is a stylish suit. Take the outfit to the next level by going for unconventional fabrics and cuts. Get our wide range of suits beginning with the “Black Formal Suit”. It’s a stylish take on the classic style form and should be worn with a “Wing Collared White” shirt that also features a button placket and pleated detailing. Step up the sophistication by going for suits that incorporate color. Our “Brocade Royal Tuxedo” suit, that features a trendy blazer with a velvet shawl lapel, a button closure and a pocket on the chest as well as two pockets at the front, is certainly the right choice as it is a bold statement piece. The suit trouser comes with a zip fly and adjustable button-elastic waist while this suit jacket comes in red and gold so its formal but unique. 

We also have a special “all in one Gold Three-Piece” suit that is fantastic in that it comes already styled, featuring a single-breasted long-sleeve damask suit that is fully lined, a white wingtip collar shirt, a cummerbund, and a bow tie. It’s a classy statement, not at all loud but a trendy fusion. Another classy take on the style form is the “Shiny Black Two Piece Suit” set. It’s in shimmering black so its bold and electric, it also has inner lining, pockets, button closure and a bow tie so you can’t go wrong with it. Very stylish and very now.



Our princesses have to dazzle, on the day that they have worked super hard for. Girls require more of an effort as stipulations for them can be a bit restricting but that’s where thinking outside the box really comes to play. Dresses for the day shouldn’t be one note but reflect the day in a happy, confident way. Go for the “Collared A-Line dress with Tulle Bottom”. It’s a stylish take on the classic A-line outfit and it totally works for graduation. It borrows from classic formal wear as well as cocktail dress elements that results in a fusion of the serious with the whimsical. The navy blue color choice is also a nod to the event at hand. Go for a less formal take with the “Corset Lace Back” dress that is available as a ball dress as well as a flare dress. It has an eye catching laced back that gives the semi-formal wear a stylish twist. The sleeveless dress is a nod to the ballet silhouettes of Renaissance Italy and coincidentally can be paired with our “Soft Patent Formal Ballerina’s”. These ballet flats, that are available in red, silver, black and gold, balance the look.

Another sleeveless number is the crème “High Low Panel” dress that features a cute bow on the top left of the bodice as well as a tasteful high low moment that makes for an elegant graduation ready outfit.

Go the regal route with the “Puffed Sleeve Pleated Flare Ball Dress” that is a semi-formal take on the classic princess dress. Let your little darling bask in a royal fantasy as she takes the next step in her educational journey. The dress is a gold and crème colored, eye catching statement piece, made for the belle of the ball.

Snag all of these graduation ready pieces and so much more when you visit any Ruff ‘n’ Tumble store or our Online store.

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