Hair bows and headbands are special accessories in that they are adorned on the head to keep hair tidy and in place as well as add a special touch of style to the outfit. The act of wearing a bow or band in one's hair has held a multitude of meanings throughout history, ranging from communicating the status of one's love life to displaying loyalty to a regime. These days it’s mainly a fashion statement to show an elevated sense of style. For girls, its aspirational as it is a way for them to look lady like, proper and grown up. It’s also a nod to the fantastical world of fairytale princesses, they read about in storybooks and watch on TV. These accessories give a darling touch to outfits and they are accessories that every girl should have and utilize from time to time.

hair bow

Hair bows and headbands come in different styles and sizes for different occasions and tastes. It’s essential to understand their functionality as well as when to utilize them and vice versa. A fundamental rule is that bows and bands should never overshadow the outfit. Rather, they complement and enhance the entire look. A quick tip is to coordinate the hair bow or headband to an accent color in the ensemble, to pull the look together. Let’s consider some other tips as well as how best to incorporate stylish hair bows and/or headbands into outfits for the best possible looks.



When you want to get headbands, start with primary colors. Go for ones that are in black or white because they are modern in that they tend to go with a wider range of outfits in a non matchy matchy way. Get our “Off White Floral Alice Band” and our “Black Feather Bow Alice Band” as they are high quality, classic looking pieces. Try headbands that have a hint of other colors like our “Off White Headband with Floral” detail as it comes in white with a pop of yellow colored flowers.


Speaking of flowers, don’t shy away from headbands that have them. They are a cute addition to the accessory without being too busy. Sun dresses would work perfectly with headbands that have flower accents like our peach colored “Floral Alice Band” and our yellow “Headband with Flower” as well as our white “Flower Head Band” that has an exceptional stretch band as well as multi-colored floral detailing.

Also go for headbands that have indigenous materials like our prime “Ankara Alice Band”, made from the best quality Ankara fabric. It features a double bow detail, central wrap, and a headband. It can easily compliment outfits that have bold colors. Don’t be afraid to pair them with clothes that have non indigenous fabrics. If the colors complement each other, it totally works.



Bows are cute accessories that not only keep the hair in place, but also compliment the hairstyle as well as the outfit. Still in line with the stylish Ankara bands listed above, get bows that are made with indigenous fabrics like our different multicolored “Ankara Hair” bows (available in red and pink Ankara prints) that feature small ribbon bow details with stunning center pearl designs that are unique and eye catching.


You should definitely get our very select “Bow Elastic Band” bows that come in exiting colors like dark brown and peach if you’re looking for the perfect bows to pair with a wide range of outfits from jeans to T-shirts and elegant dresses. This is because it is made with the best quality satin ribbon which is styled into an amazing bow with embellishment.

Bow Elastic Band dark brown

Now if you’re looking for choice hair bows for more formal outfits, uniforms (for schools that allow or require that) and active wear, go for bows that have superior plain fabrics with a hint of shimmer to them so they are not too flashy, yet retain unique elements to them. Get our gold “Hair Bow with Organza Center Knot” that is made with an almost see trough ribbon, styled into an amazing bow and an organza center knot. It has stunning gold stripes and can go with active wear.


Our “Navy and Yellow Bow with Elastic Band”, that features unique yellow and navy striped ribbons on top of a bigger arrangement of navy blue ribbons, would work well with uniforms and school wear. Little girls aren’t left out as they can opt for the “Girl Aqua/Green Clip with Double Bow”. It’s a cute bow that features a shiny aqua and green clip.

Go for a collection of bows that would give a variety of practical ways to enhancing different looks, like our exceptional “Hair Bow” bundle. It has three hair bows; one that features Ankara fabric detailing while the other two have beautiful floral designs that have green pearl details.



After spotlighting hair bows and headbands, this piece on accessories for stylish young girls wouldn’t be complete without mentioning other eye catching ornaments that are also used to accessorize their looks. Fascinators are light, decorative headpieces consisting of feathers, flowers, beads, etc. attached to a comb or hair clip. They are usually eye catching as they are bold and stylish. Girls can wear them to classy events and prestigious ceremonies. Very prim and proper. For cute baby girls, go for our “Blue and Green Floral” fascinator that features high quality net fabric, elastic band as well as a cute bow.


You can decorate your princesses’ head and hair with an array of little fun clips and bands. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t look too busy. Rather, when done right, can be a fun way for girls to look colorful and bold. Pair our “Black Hair Clip”, that features the cutest little tulle fabric, with our “Orange Fruit Hair” bands, that has an orange fruit ornament (available in either yellow or green), and the ‘Fuchsia Glitter Hair” band that has a glittery heart design with an elastic loop, for a stylish combination for parties and festive events.



We highly recommend our very exceptional “HairBow with Elastic Band” as it is the embodiment of elegance. It features a stylish black and magenta bow made from damask and lace fabrics. It is the perfect touch of sophistication for girls who deserve the royal touch. It goes excellently with party looks and ball gowns. A true statement piece made for real life princesses.


You can get all these trendy accessories, and so much more, when you visit Ruff ‘n’ Tumble stores or the Online store.

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