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One of my favourite memories from childhood was my dad getting back from work. We would all be about our various activities, my two siblings and I, mostly bickering with each other, only to be interrupted by my mum’s voice shouting “Your dad is home!” Oya come and see race! Our tiny feet dashing, trying to outrun each other to the living room for our amazing daily routine with my dad. 

By the time we eventually got to the living room, dad would usually be giving mum a kiss on the forehead and would extend same to my older sister. He would then carry and swing me around a bit before I got my own kiss on the forehead. The ritual would close with him carrying and throwing my younger brother in the air, it was always a beautiful sight to behold, and it usually never ended without a shopping bag filled with goodies, each day having a different feel.

This happened continually as he got back from work every day, regardless of how tired he felt, until we went off to boarding school, and even after that he found other amazing ways to tell us how much we were loved and valued.

Little moments like this show children that they are loved and this is really what makes a family; special moments shared. Every child deserves to be shown love and family is where it all begins. 

As February 14th , 2020, Valentine’s Day approaches, the day set apart for the celebration of love by the world, let us remember where it all really begins and what makes it worth celebrating; family.

Let us also remember that it’s not just a day for lovers. So, show your precious kids that you love them; have a special dinner with them, take them shopping at an amazing kids’ clothing store like Ruff ‘n’ Tumble for lovely children’s clothing and accessories, give them a love note and have them read it to help them understand what they mean to you.

Have a beautiful Valentine’s Day celebration with the ones you love and remember that love begins with family.


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