Let us Bring Back the Era of Young and Free Kids

Is being a child going out of fashion or are we over-exaggerating from our point of view?

Oh well. Let us bring you to where we are and why we think being a child is slowly going out of style.

The internet is filled with cute babies and their cute styles. Once you scroll through your timeline, you may end up saying ‘awww’ one too many times because these kids are so cute.

But guess what? Sometimes, your ‘awww’ is interrupted by the shocking look of a 2-year-old child in a wig and some adult fashion pieces. What is a 2-year-old child doing with a neckpiece that weighs so much such that his/her head hangs down?

Where did the era of kids being kids go? What happened to the cool casual fashion that kids love that allow them move freely and play with confidence?

A child should never have to struggle with freedom in style. A child can have both freedom and style in their fashion pieces.

Check out this fashion pieces to inspire your kids to be young and free.

For Girls

Mustard Yellow A-line frilled dress.

Sleeveless blue floral top,white blouse and jean shorts.

Two-piece Ankara set

For Boys

Two Piece Boys Set

Sleeveless multicoloured shirt, styled with navy blue shorts


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