A fashion trend or a clothing item that’s in vogue in a year might not be in the next. Likewise, there are clothing that can never go out of kid’s fashion and that’s a shirt! You may do endless things with shirts and still look all put together. Nowadays, kids are even getting better at styling their shirts than their parents and we would like to share some that inspired us the most!


Wearing A Vest and A Shirt as A Coat

With a white T-shirt or a vest, a colorful shirt can give a more casual look if it’s not buttoned down. A sweeter way to wear this look is with a bucket hat. Don’t worry about a serious footwear, a pair of white sneakers matches the white vest and you are sure you’ve got the shorts with a perfect fit. If your kid is one to be extra stylish, he would button up the first two and even fold the sleeves of his shirt.

 Kid's Shirt styleKid's shirt style

Rolling up Sleeves

Talking about rolling up sleeves of your kid’s shirt, it’s not only done when kids wear shorts or when shirts are not buttoned. You might have spotted a kid or two at the mall, cinema or party wearing a long sleeve shirt rolled up and worn with a jean or chinos. They even look super stylish with a pair of sunshades.


Boy's shirt stylesBoy's red shirt


Short-Sleeve and Shorts



It’s no secret that short sleeve goes well with shorts but one would have thought it’s better to tuck in your shirt. Adrian has changed our perception with his tuck out and his blend of blue. One thing we can’t ignore is the straight band collar of his shirt that complements the look.





Short sleeve shirts and shorts



Wearing Sweatshirts on Long Sleeve Shirts

Trust his intention wasn’t to wear his sweatshirts to prevent cold, it’s all fashion! The collar of the T-shirt extending from the neckline and the shirts showing below the sweatshirt is how it is done. Most of us would have seen colleagues at work on this look because of how cold the office might be but kids have adopted this look in to fashion.

A boy wearing a sweatshirt on a shirt


If you got inspired by any of the looks above and you want some for your kids, head to the nearest RnT store to you or click to shop.

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