Explore Our New Mother’s Day Collection- Because One Mother’s Day is not enough!

‘Another Mother’s Day?’ yes! We are celebrating yet another Mothers Day on Sunday, 12th May 2024.

With all the sacrifices a mother makes for the family, it is understandable why we have multiple Mother’s Day in one year.

But we feel you need to know the backstory behind our new Mothers Day collection. We have only just realized that there are two major Mother’s Day being celebrated globally each year.

We have the general Mothering Sunday, which we celebrated on Sunday, 30th March 2024. But guess what else we just discovered? The United States of America has her Mother’s Day on the 12th of May, 2024.

We could not let such a memorable day go by just like that. That is exactly why we went back to our design board to bring you yet another ‘Mummy and I’ collection.

This collection is designed to help you bond even better with your kids in an ‘and co’ kind of way.

We have categorized our Mother’s Day collection into two: Blue Sky Edition and Rainbow Flower

Blue Sky Edition

This cloud-like blue edition of our Mother’s Day Collection covers the whole family. This outfit is available for mums, boys and girls.

The boys two piece set consists of a simple short-sleeved shirt and a matching pair of shorts. Accentuate his look with a pair of white sneakers.

 The girl’s dress and the mother’s dress are quite similar. The girl’s dress is a simple A-line one with a shimmery bow design at the round neckline. The mother’s dress is also a chic A-line one with shimmery design on the top and at the waistline of the dress.

Rainbow Flower

As the name implies, this simple set of outfits for mothers, boys and girls is the perfect representation of what happiness ought to look like.

The designs are similar to that of the Blue Sky Edition. This collection is great for a good time out with the family.

Shop now here or just walk into our retail stores nationwide to shop.

Shop this cute Mother’s Day collection and send us cute pictures as soon as you do.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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