Girls look up to the women in ther lives and as such, want to be like them in how they talk, walk, dress and even how they pair accessories with their various looks. It's important to find the best, age appropriate and stylish accessories not just for the girls but also pieces that they can have in common with their besties. This usually fosters a deeper bond as girls usually craft long lasting friendships based on moments, garments and style sensibilities.

Charm bracelets are a stylish way to give girls the fantasy of feeling all grown up while looking stylish and retaining their girlish charm.
Although charm bracelets were initially worn in history, to ward off bad luck, today it has become a trendy fashion accessory and in the case of our "lady's in waiting", charms are indeed, a girls best friend.
For little girls who want to play make believe with their dolls and a play house, the "Bead Stretch" Bracelet is a fabulous introduction into wearing something shiny and unique. It comes in silver and gold and is easy to wear.

Go for pop of colours with bracelets like the "Rainbow Heart Link" bracelet paired with the "Pastel Stretch Bead" and the "Cube Bead Stretch" bracelets. They are colourful, playful and can be paired with dresses or even a girly tee and jeans.

The Silver chain "Charm It" bracelet is a must have for girls who want to design their own stylish wrist accessory as it can be worn as is or paired with our options of unique charms. Make them feel all grown up by letting them pick charms that they like and ones that speak to their personalities.

The "butterfly and rainbow" snow cone charms are for girly girls who want to feel and look pretty while the "I Love Dance" charms are for girls with a little bit of an edge, who want to stand out.
Siblings aren't left out as they can wear matching "Best Sister and Penguin" charms while the artsy, creative girls can rock the "I Love Art" charms boldly.
For the girls who want to create a charmbracelet with many stylish charms, pair the "Gumball Machine" and "Red Fox" charm with other charms like the "Gold Fawn" and "Wishes Bottle" charms as well as the "Boho Bunny" and "Glitter Cupcake" charms. A pairing of these would create a bracelet that is both playful and girly.

The wrist isn't the only place to accessorise as we've got necklaces to pair with your charmbracelets. Pair your wrist candy with the "Girls Chain" necklace that comes in both pink and purple colours to make the whole outfit come together so besties can coordinate playfully while girls can creatively express their individual styles.

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