Baby girls are literally blessings from above. Adorable little bundles of joy that you just want to nurture and protect. You want them to have the best of everything, in moderation of course. You want them to grow up healthy, big and strong. You begin to visualize an amazing future for them where they live extremely fulfilling lives, so you begin to think up ways to make that possible for them because it’s never too early to prepare. All the baby books will tell you to plan months, even years ahead, so your baby’s get the best life possible. Some apply for the best schools as soon as they are aware of the pregnancy. Others create a trust fund for their children so they can ensure good financial futures. Many parents nurture their girls to stand up for themselves and be all that they can be, misogyny and glass ceilings be damned. These aspects are very important and integral to your baby girl’s life and future, but in visualizing a future for her, have you stopped to think that the habits she develops now can shape her character for the entirety of her life? Things like taking naps and eating the right food, to even dressing well now, will affect who she is, years from now. Get a good head start by showing her what living well and looking great feels and looks like. Let her closet reflect the taste level and style elements you hope she grow’s up with, embraces and in turn, makes her own, someday, seeing as charity, or in this case, style, begins at home.

baby girl red dress

Dressing baby girls shouldn’t feel like rocket science. They require cool and clean colors. Easy to wear pieces that are comfortable, soft and will protect them. From onesies to dresses and Afrocentric pieces, we’ll be outlining our premium range of quality looks for your little princesses so they feel cozy and happy, all the while, looking stylish. 

baby girl pyjamas

Baby’s, for the most part, spend their days eating, sleeping and pooping so why not do all these, wearing a bold yet playful onesie like our premium red “Ladybug Hat and Romper” set. This long-sleeve two-piece romper is made with premium quality cotton fabric, that is soft and comfortable to the skin. It features a ruffled edge, off-centered press stud closure, a “LADYBUG” graphic print in front, plus a very cute hat. This Romper is designed to keep your baby girl pretty and warm. This adorable set is available for baby girls from ages Three to Twelve months.

Feeding your baby girls is a necessity that should happen multiple times a day. wouldn’t it be cute and fun if they ate, looking stylish and adorable? Go for our pretty pink “Romper and Bib” set. This long-sleeve set has a round neckline, ruffled sleeves, front snap closure, a lovely graphic print plus a cute and functional bib. It is made with premium quality cotton fabric that is comfortable and warm to the feel. This set is available for baby girls from ages Three to Twelve months.

Bedtime should be cozy, comfortable and even luxurious. Let your little princess bask in her royal essence wearing our very lush pink “Melon Pyjamas” set because a goodnight's sleep usually begins with soft and comfortable PJ’s. This stunning set is made with organic cotton fabric that is soft and smooth to the skin. The short-sleeve top features a round neckline plus matching bottoms, which feature an elastic waistband and water melon graphic print all over. This premium set is available for baby girls from ages Eighteen to Twenty-Four months.

baby girl white top and shorts

It’s advisable that your baby stays at home for a while, growing and developing day by day, but what should she wear for her inevitable, out of the house, debut? Pieces that are not only cute and fun but elegant and unique. Definitely opt for our eye catching beige “Striped Linen Blouse with Bow”. This very flattering number is made with a premium quality linen fabric. It features a round neckline plus a beautifully designed bow detail in front. The sleeves have ruffled hems and the back has a button placket closure. This premium blouse is available for baby girls from ages Eight to Twenty-Four months. Pair with our quality navy “Pull Up” trouser. This Navy woven pull up trouser combines style and comfort for an altogether fashionable look. It comes with trendy pocket stylings and an adjustable elastic waist. It is made from super comfortable woven fabric. Perfect for simple occasions such as birthday parties and social gatherings. It is available for baby girls from ages Three to Eighteen months. Finish up this look with our superior gold “Velcro” sneakers. It is made with premium materials, has padded insoles and outsoles that give an extra layer of comfort. The double Velcro enables easy pull off and on. This quality pair is available in sizes from 20-25.


In the spirit of taking your baby girl out, especially to semi-formal or even casual gatherings and events, go for our exceptional multicolor “Mixed Print Ankara” dress. This indigenous sleeveless dress features a round neckline, curved hem, and a pleated yellow fabric around the chest leaving an A-shape pattern at the back. It is easy-breezy with a back button placket. This eye catching dress is available for baby girls from ages Nine to twenty-four months. Pair this lovely dress with our stunning white “Natural” dress shoe. It is light weight, breathable with perforation detailing, plus a cute ankle strap. It is suitable for both casual and formal occasions and its available in sizes 16-19.

Your baby girl is going to eventually be able to go on so many adventures like play dates, kindergarten or even leaning how to swim. For a darling poolside look for your adorable princess, get her our retro-inspired navy blue “Floral Print” swimsuit. It features ruffled sleeves and yellow bow detailing. It is comfortable, friendly to the skin, and available for baby girls from ages Six to Twenty-four months. Style this look with our fun “Tiffany Die Cut” sandals. It features adjustable straps for easy wear and its available in sizes 17-19. It’s a pool day! why not accessorize this look with our premium white “Heart Shape” sunglasses. It features classic heart shaped frames and nose bridges which provide support between the lens and face. The dark lens will protect her eyes from sunlight, as she gets into all the water fun in the sun.

Snag all these baby girl must have pieces, and loads more, when you visit any of our Retail stores nationwide, or our Online store.

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