Yohji Yamamoto, a renowned Japanese fashion designer, popularly known for his avant-garde tailoring, once said that

… A pair of brilliantly cut trousers can be more beautiful than a gorgeous silk gown

and he wasn’t wrong. Trousers are the outer garment covering the body from the waist to the ankles, with a separate part for each leg. They are essential fashion pieces that, when worn right, can elevate and pull the entire outfit together.

Historically, trousers were initially military garments. They were made to be snug shorts or loose fitting trousers that closed at the ankles, for easy movement and covering. It was only during the 19th century that we began to see trousers like the ones we generally wear today. They were a looser fit with a button fly, worn in neutral colors and weren’t even considered acceptable women’s attire until the 1970s. These days, trousers are worn by women for all occasions without any masculine connotations as it aids agility and shows confidence as well as a heightened sense of style.

With the availability of different types of trousers, ranging in shapes, cuts and fabrics, buying pants for your daughter, which should be one of the little delights that make being a parent worthwhile, becomes tricky. Choices have to be made based on exact body types, specific activities and/or events. We will be outlining the different styles, and their functionality to ease your shopping experience.


Commonly used for their formal or semi-formal appeal for events of that nature. They are usually made of woven material or expensive suiting material as they may or may not be part of a suit. These pants usually have opening in the front with zipper and or buttons to give a sense of confidence. For baby girls, get the “Navy Woven Pull Up” trouser that comes with trendy pocket styling and an adjustable elastic waist as well as the standard “Navy Basic Knit” pants for a comfortable yet dressy look.

girls trousers


Jeans are made of a rough and thick material called denim. It is distinguished by double stitching lines all along the seams done in a thick thread. They are referred to as active wear as they are made for constant movement and activity. Jeans epitomize youthfulness and are an essential fashion item as they can be worn with almost everything. For big girls, pair a tee shirt or blouse with the blue “Denim Trouser with Number Lettering” featuring an embroidered lettering design, five pockets styling and concealed zipper, or our “Denim Trouser with Ripped Design” with its eye catching ripped-net design, for that bold, artsy look. For a plain but stylish pant, get our dark blue “Denim Basic” pants that feature a faded, lighter blue patch, belt loops and a slim cut.

girls trousers
girls trousers


They are pants that are usually knee length or slightly longer in length. Also referred to as split or divided skirts as they are sometimes half skirt, half pant or just wider pants. They are a modest and practical way to look trendy yet charming. The blue “Denim Culottes”, with its stylishly bleached bottom, is a necessary addition to a girls closet as it is versatile and fashionable.


girls trousers


Fitted pants that are made of stretch material that is usually hosiery or knitted. Leggings that look like trousers are called Treggings while the ones that look like jeans are called Jeggings. Leggings are generally referred to as athleisure wear as they are suitable for both exercise and everyday wear. Get the red “Legging Set” that features a white top that has a beautiful graphic print with matching all red leggings. We also have the “Poker Dot Lurex” Tights, made with the finest wool fabric for an eye catching, stylish fit that is available for all kids age ranges.

girls trousers

Get the Navy “Lurex Tights” that features elasticated fabric as well as thin cotton material, that can be worn with monochrome dresses and is also available in red.

Don’t hesitate to get bold pants that are colorful or have striking designs as these are trendy and look amazing. Pair them with plain tops or blouses that have complimentary colors, for a stylish balance and your girl is good to go. Get the “White Pants with Floral Detail” that can be worn conveniently as a casual piece as well as pants with bold colors like our “Magenta Basic Fleece” trousers, that is ideal for both formal and informal activities.

girls trousers

It is important to note that sticking to a clothing brand, here, can go a long way when it comes to buying trousers for your girls. Once you’re already well-acquainted with a particular clothing brand such as Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, you won’t need to always refer to sizing and conversion tables to buy trousers that fit your daughter as our precise measurement system and designs, takes care of that so you don’t have to.

Get all of these stylish pieces and lots more when you visit Ruff ‘n’ Tumble stores or the online store.

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