As a child, Valentine’s day wasn’t really a day I looked forward to. My 2 Aunts who lived with us usually came home with lots of gifts they received from space (or so I thought) and my parents spent a lot of time together. In my head it was a day the kids were ignored.

The world has evolved greatly since then and it has become glaring that Love begins with family and parents should take advantage of every moment to let kids know how loved and valued they are. As a mum, I know that Valentine's day is not just between my husband and I but between us and the kids. So, every year I find ways to show my kids this. To ensure that kids don’t feel left out of all the loving in this season of love, I’m going to share 5 simple ways you can make Valentine’s Day special for your kids.

Love Notes

Love notes literally cost nothing, well, maybe a little ink and a post it. You can tell your kids how awesome you think they are and how much you love them. You can put the love notes under their pillow while they’re asleep so they can discover it when making their beds in the morning. You can also put it in their lunch box for them to discover in school. I’m smiling just imagining the look on my kids’ faces.

Val Décor

ankara for kids

Most people are used to decorating only for Christmas, but you could have Val themed décor in your house as well. You can go as high or as low as you want to with the budget. From heart shaped table mats to heart shaped danglers in your dining area. You could even go as far as getting a Valentine tree, and the fun part is you could have a special time decorating with your kids.

Family Date

ankara for children

Dates with my kids are always fun because we love playing dress up. We would usually wear coordinating outfits and go out to dinner as a family, before our couple’s plans for the day. You could do this as well, your son in a lovely tuxedo, your daughter in a beautiful ball dress. You could also do a picnic late in the afternoon, having fun as a family before your plans with your partner. And who says you can’t simply go Afrocentric with a very simple Ankara design for your boys and girls.

Giving as a Family

ruffntumble , ruff and tumble , ruff 'n' tumble

Valentine is a great time to reinforce the lesson on the power of loving and sharing for kids. You could go to an orphanage or a public hospital together, with gifts for the kids, showing your own kids the difference an act of kindness makes in the world.

Give them a Gift

While teaching your kids how to give, it’s great when they get gifts as well, outside of what you got to meet their basic needs. You can give things such as a note pad, a pack of glitter pens or an item from their favourite kids’ clothing store that you know they would love.

Love begins with family so what’s a great Valentine without kids? So plan a lovely 2020 Valentine’s day with something special for your kids. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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