Ever had issues styling your kid for an event or a day-out? You're surely not alone! How to style your kid could be a concern this season because it's Christmas!! and there are so many places to go and every event has its style, and it gets even more stressful when you have just a short window of time to prepare. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered with these wardrobe essentials. They'll help make going out a lot easier!

1.      DENIM

kids fashion quality clothing

Denim has become a timeless statement of style, and a wardrobe essential, especially this season. Denim is absolute magic because it can be paired with almost anything. It can be dressed up with a jacket or a button up shirt/blouse or dressed down with a polo or a t-shirt and loafers or espadrilles, depending on the occasion.

2.      BALL DRESS 

ball dress gown

These lovely dresses aren’t just for birthdays, every girl deserves to have a twirl in these beauties. Ball Dresses are lifesavers on days she has to show up at an unexpected event. They are perfect for dinners, formal parties, Christmas service and even Carol Concerts/Recitals.

3.      TUXEDO / SUIT

boys fashion tuxedo Boys fashion suit

The Tuxedo (Tux) or a suit are a perfect gentleman’s complement to the Ball Dress. They are absolutely regal and stylish looks for formal, semi-formal, or special occasions. Every young man should have a top quality tux in his wardrobe, and a suit too, it saves you the stress of emergency shopping. The major difference between a tux and a suit is the satin or velvet lapel of the tux and the satin or velvet stripe on the sides of the tux pants. 

4.      SNEAKERS

quality kids shoes Sneakers

Sneakers are amazing because they are such a versatile footwear. They have become a wardrobe staple suitable for everyone, and everyone includes your lovely baby boy and girl and your teenagers. They can be worn with denim trousers, chinos, khakis, and even day dresses. The key is to find sneakers styles your kid loves and pair them up nicely with different looks.


girls hair band accessories

Has anyone ever been accused of looking too good? We don’t think so! Fashion accessories like hair bows, sun glasses, suspenders, clutch purses and so on are an amazing collection to have for this season to have an all-round trendy look, be it casual or dressy.

Have fun shopping for this season’s wardrobe must-haves and play them up to suit your child’s personality and the occasion, we’re sure they’re going to be head turners in these style options.

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