5 Fashion dos your teenage girl will try out

Fashion lovers have a thing for keeping up with trends and choosing styles that work for them; mixing and matching pieces of clothing to enliven their personalities as it soothes their mood and of course whatever the occasion calls for.

Teenage girls aren't that much different. They are at a stage in their lives where they're experiencing body changes, and flicking through a mirage of styles to find the one that fits, can be quite hectic...but hey, we bring you good news!

Since schools haven't opened yet, and parties are now virtual, your teenage girl can still show-off her style with friends on house party, yo-party or an Instagram live party, looking bomb, and we know she'll definitely try out these fashion dos.

Bomber jacket on denim trousers - Denims are an all season favorite, they come in different styles and cuts. A mix of a dark-colored bomber jacket on a high-waist denim trouser wouldn't be bad at all. Depending on her color choice, she can switch up colors and patterns. You can view catalogue here!

Sporty outfits - Sport tights, shirts and pants are in fashion this season. Your girl can never go wrong wearing a mix of that, especially since we're in the rainy season and the cold is crazy. She can choose her style and still look fashionable.

Cross-bags and sneakers - I'll have you know that cross-bags and sneakers are easy to wear and make a good match on any combination, particularly a casual look. She can throw her any cute cross bag on a dress, or wearing a crop top and fancy pants, then finish off the look with a pair of cute sneakers. Click here to shop nice cross-bags fir your girl.

Denim skirts - Your girl can always make a fashion statement wearing a denim skirt if it hugs her right and the mix is nice. A flowery patterned blouse or a bright-colored top will do the trick on a high waist denim skirt that is mid-thigh high. She'll look Uber chic in this match. Have a look at our interesting denim catalogue.

Ruffle blouses and dresses - Another fashion do your teenage star may try out are ruffles. Stylish ruffle blouses and dresses. They are cute fashion pieces you can use to create a combination of looks. A short-sleeved round-necked ruffle blouse, on dark pants, will create that chic look she craves. You can shop nice blouses and dresses for your girl at anytime Ruff ‘N’ Tumble.

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